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Files With Markzware FlightCheck
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High-Resolution Previews Of Layout Documents

FlightCheck® is a standalone application for macOS that can preview, preflight, report on, and package several document formats. With an attractive user-friendly interface, at a glance, FlightCheck offers an overview of documents created in several file formats, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PDF (that include Canva, Word and CorelDraw), and many other file types, without these applications present.

Markzware’s FlightCheck finds document errors, alerts you to them, and takes you directly to their locations, so corrections can be made. This enables your workflow to be even more productive.

How To Preview Documents, With FlightCheck

FlightCheck is very easy to use. After a simple quick start, you can drag and drop a document onto FlightCheck and a document preview is displayed. You will see a high-resolution preview or a soft-proof preview and the type & location of graphic design or print problems in the document.

Along with the preview, FlightCheck provides extensive document information. All the intricate details of your document are displayed in a File Inventory, describing the items that are used in your file.

“FlightCheck can determine if the contents of a package are complete and print ready, and have a preview …
before handing off those files to prepress with confidence!”

– Amybeth Menendez, Certified Adobe Instructor /
Adobe Layout / Design Expert, Macmillan Publishing

Preview Files First, Then Edit, For Digital Output & Print

FlightCheck will display previews of all of the pages in your layout document. You can use the high-resolution previews as soft-proofs, to see potential file errors. Then, FlightCheck will take you to the locations of any instances, for corrections.

As you preview your document pages, you can correct problems directly within your layout application. FlightCheck even allows you to edit PDF files, directly in Acrobat, which saves time and money for your business, and enables faster production.

I really have found FlightCheck to be … essential in the classroom, for it gives us both the Prepress Operator and Designer’s perspective on how to properly prepare files for Output!

– Darryl Owens, Instructor, Graphic Technologies,
Clover Park Technical College,

Preview Documents, File Details, & More

FlightCheck gives you views of your document’s appearance, so you can easily compare revisions of the same design. In addition, you can:

• See the Dimensions of a page, directly below the page.

• View the Number of Pages and Spreads in the document.

Zoom In (400%) or Out, for document inspection.

• See a Thumbnail View of each page in your document. Drag the small dot in the section directly below the page, to open the Thumbnail section. To preview that page, without cycling through each page, just click on the thumbnail.

By Default, the preview shows to the Left of the Inventory or Preflight information. Using Command Keys you can adjust whether the Preview shows to the left, right, above or below the Inventory or Preflight information.

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Preview Graphic Design Files Before Digital Output & Print, with FlightCheck

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Video: FlightCheck PREVIEW of DTP page layouts – Overview video

How To Preview Files For Printing & Uploading - FlightCheck Tutorial Video

This video tutorial for graphic designers, prepress operators, and other professionals,
describes how to preview and preflight Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress,
and PDF, with Markzware FlightCheck, before the next step in the workflow!

Preview Graphic Design Files Before Digital Output & Print: FlightCheck

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