Print Connects! Help Print Trend Worldwide: International Print Day, October 25, 2023

Print Connects!
Help Print To Trend Worldwide On 
International Print Day, October 25, 2023

"International Print Day" in black text & "#IPD23 | #PrintConnects" in blue text on white with CMYK bands encircling a black & white globe.

Print includes all traditional media (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.) printed on paper.(1) Whether in a greeting card that touches your heart and makes you smile or in the coupons and magazines you receive in your mailbox, print connects us. Print can even help us to decide what to buy. This article offers information about how you can participate in a free print event, how print connects us, and about helpful printing solutions.

Print Connects On International Print Day

The theme for International Print Day 2023 Conference is: #PrintConnects

Help print to be the hot trend topic around the world, on October 25, 2023, by using these Hashtags:


Print Across America Industry Partner, Markzware Inc., and other participants in the conference are using this graphic to share print knowledge and support with the world, during this special print event:

International Print Day #IPD23 #PrintConnects Poster w/ Print Across America logo (gray symbols and white speech bubbles with red, blue & green outlines on yellow with orange & blue dots)

Fill in your words on how Print Connects, snap a pic
and share using #IPD23 and #PrintConnects

Fill in what “print connects” means to you, take a photo, and share it on social media, along with the hashtags, #IPD23 and #PrintConnects. Share the photo with your print customers, print students, and print enthusiasts around the world, on International Print Day.

Print Connects the World

Print feels real and personal, so it provides connection. Especially since the pandemic mandated keeping each other at a distance, people want to connect.(2) Having more accessible print products available than ever brings society closer.(3)

Print Connects The World: Glass globe with blue land & clear oceans over a newspaper.

Businesses can form relationships with clients, via print media, which is widely distributed by many methods throughout the world. Messages are often personally delivered to a customer or prospect, in a familiar setting, with human interaction, such as a handshake and genuine smile.(4) 

Media often brings the world closer, by drawing similarities in humans and their basic needs, wellness, education, choices, and workflow. Travelers heading to a new location can learn interesting facts about local terrain, landmarks, lifestyles, and heritage, which can encourage people to visit each other’s locations and to get better acquainted.(5)

Print Connects Worldwide (travel poster): "La Riviera Italienne Portofino Pres de S.Marghterita et Rapallo" in dark blue text on beige rectangle on view of La Riviera Italienne with a blue ocean, green hills, white buildings with terracotta roofs over an aloe plant & 3 badges with initials.

People of all ages can enjoy print(2) and experts from all fields and areas write for print media. Though often describing serious matters, print media can also entertain readers with reports on music, sports, and other recreational activities(5) that can be enjoyed by a multitude of people.

Reading print products can be a relaxing way for customers to disconnect from electronic devices and to connect with each other through the ideas communicated. These print products can be preserved, to increase longevity. The archived, printed records of occasions and ideas can be reviewed and cherished, for years.(1)

Print Solutions for Creatives, Publishers, & Printers

"Markzware 15% Off Sale" with Print Across America logo in top left portion. OmniMarkz, QXPMarkz, IDMarkz, FlightCheck, & PDFMarkz logos, taglines, & names w/ "Experience Now" buttons in remaining 5 portions.

You can take advantage of print media to benefit your organization, by using flyers, catalogs, and other print products. Connect with your print vendor and bolster the print business, today.

For example, FlightCheck helps users to preview, analyze, report, and package documents for print, publishing, and graphic arts workflows. FlightCheck is a unique, intelligent preflight application from Markzware to inspect and analyze fonts, images, colors, & more, in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, QuarkXPress, & other file types.

Markzware solutions for print users can preview, preflight, export, and convert PDF and desktop publishing documents. To get the latest news about Markzware products and print industry-related news, join our mailing list and follow Markzware on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media websites.

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Share your love for print and connect with people across the globe. As you have read, social media connects us and so does print! Thank you, in advance, for helping us to unite members of our global society and to support print, by participating in International Print Day and coinciding event, Print Across America, using the hashtags:

Happy printing and sharing!


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Print Connects! Help Print Trend Worldwide: International Print Day, October 25, 2023

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