Print is not dead. Neither is outsourcing. China

With president Obama just leaving China, this post may be seen as timely:

Adopt a printer in China or other far-east markets to outsource print. That is my idea for the day. Just as many small towns and cities will have sister, partner cities in other parts of the world, so should print shops. Why?

Print is not dead. Neither is outsourcing.
China_Print_2009_Chinese_printing_companiesMarkzware read a reply to a Chinese print representative looking for work with American printers:

“Many companies are taking their large print orders to Chinese printing companies in the hopes of saving money. I know of three sales reps in my area alone that are representing chinese printing companies.Their pricing is half to one third of mine on larger projects. They have a high degree of success bringing work to their Chinese employers.

But as always with a lower price, comes a cost…”
Source: PrintPlanet on

And the cost of outsourcing print can be partly overcome by setting up real, legal partnerships. If you just shop for the cheapest print, you’ll be switching every job or monthly. Why not form a true partnership?

We read how the Chinese print market is growing, while the UK, USA and other European print markets are shrinking. Is China really consuming that much more print, or are more books, color brochures and packaging print-jobs being outsourced overseas?

If you can’t beat them, join them is the old adage. And why not*? If our governments in Europe and North America are not going to regulate and let our jobs fly out the doors, we have to do something about it. That something is to perhaps consider becoming a bit more of a print broker in addition to your current printing business. Look at it as a way to weather out this storm. I, for one, think this globalization hype has it’s limit and print work is one of them… but that is for another post.

There is a point at which certain, larger print jobs, such as for a graphic design and packaging corporation, can better be done outside your establishment, in the current political and business environment. Thus, adopt a Chinese printer, work together, form a partnership and keep your local print business alive (the idea for today).

* One big reason why not. By and large, software piracy is HUGE in China and with printing and prepress companies it is no different. (I have some war stories, pardon the pun, if you want to hear them later.) There has to be an equal flow of moral balance for partnerships to work. (Ask for proof of legal software ownership.) The United States and other worldwide governments should demand that China puts an end to corporate software piracy, costing the US and Europe billions each and every year (When you include music, video and movies as well.) That is a job for me and for many countless tens of thousands as well. Otherwise, simply stop importing print work. Then, I wonder if the Chinese print market still would have seen as much growth in 2008…? Partnerships must be equal, or they are doomed from the offset, pun intended.

Heck, we even have a worldwide promo price ($100 off!) on Markzware’s FlightCheck preflight software for any printers that are interested! (Just drop me an email.) More printing solutions are available on the Markzware Products page. And on that note, when outsourcing print to the other side of the world, you had best preflight to ensure print quality!

Print is not dead. Neither is outsourcing. China

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