Print Preflight, Preview & Packaging App Beta: Test FlightCheck 2022

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Markzware FlightCheck 2022 in beta


Markzware Announces Worldwide Beta Preview for FlightCheck 2022,
a New Stand-Alone Preflight, Preview & Packaging Application

DAYTON, NEVADA, November 10, 2021 – Markzware, Inc., the authority in software publishing solutions for print quality control, document previewing, and data conversion is happy to announce the FlightCheck 2022 beta and preview program!

Markzware is currently inviting all graphic designers, DTP layout artists, and prepress professionals to become a part of this exciting beta program. Join your fellow preflight testers who are now participating in the growth of this intelligent preflight solution! Sign up now to become a tester and help shape FlightCheck 2022. All active beta testers will receive 50% off the annual subscription version.

The FlightCheck 2022 beta provides extensive performance enhancements, which offer a modern, attractive user interface for preflighting digital files. New and important preflighting features include the ability to preflight PDFs from all sources, including those from InDesign, Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, Canva, Foxit, and many others. Moreover, FlightCheck preflights several other native document file types, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and more.

New Features in FlightCheck 2022

Key features include:

     ● Brand New User Interface, introducing the new “FlightCheck Score” feature
     ● A Document Preview in high resolution – without the need for the native application
     ● Preflights and scans:
          ○ PDF
          ○ Adobe InDesign
          ○ QuarkXPress
          ○ Illustrator
          ○ Photoshop (coming soon)
          ○ And many other file types
     ● Customizable Preflight Profiles (Ground Controls) 
     ● Customizable FlightCheck Preflight Reports
          ○ Formats include HTML, JSON, XML, RTF, and TXT
          ○ Including your contact information
               ■ Name, email, phone, address
               ■ Company logo
               ■ Notes about Fonts, Colors, and Images
     ● Package all print job files, including:
          ○ Page previews (PDF, PNG, TIFF, …)
          ○ IDML of the source file (requires a *Markz product to work)
          ○ Available Fonts and Linked Images
          ○ FlightCheck Report of preflight results
          ○ And more!
     ● Access extensive document data
          ○ Preview used Fonts
          ○ Copy used Colors as HEX value and Swatches
          ○ Extract embedded images
     ● Automation
          ○ Setup to be used with Hot Folders

Among other innovative and new features, we are excited to introduce the new “FlightCheck Score” gauge that is both elegant and useful. Users can even “share” it with colleagues or on social media! What’s more, you can Package print jobs with all fonts, images, and Sent elements required for the printer, for the following user in your workflow, or for archiving.

“FlightCheck 2022 is a milestone release that pushes the boundaries of preflighting innovation with incredible speed and performance,” said Patrick Marchese, CEO and co-founder of Markzware. “We have been looking forward to sharing this new FlightCheck 2022 with industry experts and stakeholders and receiving their feedback about the usability and direction the product is taking.”

FlightCheck 2022 Compatibility

This FlightCheck 2022 beta is for macOS 10.12 and newer. Sign up for the FlightCheck 2022 Beta here:

Invite your fellow DTP Pros!

Screenshot of FlightCheck 2022 in “Preflight Mode” highlighting the
Problem and how the user can add “Notes” for the “Preflight Report”

About Markzware

Markzware, Inc., a privately-held company based in Dayton, Nevada, is the leading software publisher for digital imaging solutions for document previewing, print quality control, and data conversion. Markzware supports major graphic software layout applications used by printers, publishers, and graphic arts professionals, worldwide. Markzware B.V. is their European office, located in The Netherlands.

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FlightCheck 2022 beta introduction

Markzware FlightCheck 2022 Beta Logo

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Print Preflight, Preview & Packaging App Beta: Test FlightCheck 2022

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