Printing Error Costs $110 billion: Should Have Used FlightCheck

$110 Billion Dollar Printing Error
Sounds like The Fed needs FlightCheck

Printing problems can be costly, yet can be avoided with preflight solutionFlightCheck. Too bad the Fed didn’t use this pre press software before costing $110 billion dollars. That’s right, it is being reported that the US Government Federal Reserve had a major printing glitch on the new $100 dollar bills that have been 10 years in the graphic design and print production stages:

“According to a story by Eamon Javers of CNBC, upwards of 30 percent of bills coming off the press had a defect.”
Fed Printing ErrorSource: The $110-billion Printing Error

Preflighting digital layout files is a must, as is spot-checking periodic prints for such a large run. Use FlightCheck and help stop such an expensive printing error today.

Avoid Printing Error Costs. Preflight with FlightCheck.

Preflighting for printing quality can help prevent printing problems.

Markzware even offers special government pricing on FlightCheck, in addition to site license discounts. Check out Markzware’s preflight solution for print quality control via the FlightCheck page now!

Printing Error Costs $110 billion: Should Have Used FlightCheck

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