PrintMedia Management - Preflighting to avoid mistake

PrintMedia Management – Preflighting to avoid mistake

Preflighting with FlightCheck software by Markzware to check files for print quality assurance is an important step during prepress. FlightCheck is the patented software for preflighting to catch possible printing errors, before you print. Markzware educates on preflighting to avoid print media mistakes in digital files, as mentioned in this print industry article:

PrintMedia Management Mistake: Digital Files Preflighting Solution, Markzware FlightCheck

“There have been many changes and developments within the print industry over the last 10 years, but there’s one area that’s stubbornly refusing to change: file errors.

According to preflight solutions providers Markzware and Enfocus, the most common errors to emerge from preflight checks are the same ones that have been occurring for years. Issues like missing fonts, low-res images, unlinked graphics and inadequate bleeds all keep cropping up in surveys of common file issues.”
SOURCE: PrintMedia Management, March 2009 print edition U.K., page 44, article titled, “Make no mistake.”

This is a nice piece on preflighting during prepress. It quotes Markzware and Enfocus, their views on preflighting, and the importance of preflighting throughout the print workflow. For thorough preflighting, Markzware’s pre press software is available online via the FlightCheck page. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on ways to preflight for prepress.

PrintMedia Management – Preflighting to avoid mistake

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