Markzware YouTube Channel MarkzwareTV Refreshed

Markzware YouTube Channel MarkzwareTV Refreshed

YouTube recently added a new interface option for their users who have a “YouTube channel page.” Markzware has activated this cool, modern interface and you can check it out at MarkzwareTV.

Make sure you check out the “Playlists” where there are many Markzware video categories, with our videos categorized. They include Markzware support and popular product demonstrations, such as:

Markzware – YouTubeGraphic Arts Videos

Markzware's MarkzwareTV Channel YouTube IconWant to give feedback on a Markzware video about Adobe CS5 preflight or file recovery? YouTube has improved the ability to reply to one of our videos or to just make a new upload, via your own built in web-cam! It works great, and here I give an impromptu intro to the re-designed Markzware video site on YouTube:

With so many projects in Adobe InDesign CS5, this industry education on preflight and more for this and other file formats is a great way to make sure your book layout or color graphics are in order. You can learn about Adobe InDesign CS5 preflight, search, data conversion, and more. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy your Friday with Markzware on YouTube!

Markzware YouTube Channel MarkzwareTV Refreshed

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