SMG Group implements automatic preflighting through FlightCheck® Online

SMG Group implements automatic preflighting through FlightCheck® Online

RIJSWIJK, The Netherlands. April 11th 2007, – SMG Group in Hasselt, choose FlightCheck Online, Markzware’s solution to preflight PDF and other graphic arts files via the internet. The SMG Group’s IT department quickly realized the successful completion of integrating Markzware FlightCheck Online to automate their preflight and file delivery. This system provides several advantages for both SMG Group and their customers.

The solution can check files for a variety of print-work that SMG Group provides for their customers. Markzware FlightCheck Online is now operational at SMG. It provides both an archive and retrieval system, as well as full connectivity to the existing SMG portal. FlightCheck Online generates log files containing preflight information about the files sent, and includes an easy-to-use administration interface. The client is able to create an account, download and install the client application software and use it immediately after they receive their password.

Peter van Teeseling, Managing Director of Image World says, “Every week, both existing as well as new customers are starting to use the system. It’s great for us that very little support is needed and everyone is able to quickly work with it. We‘ve automated our workflow with FlightCheck Online to make it easy for both SMG as well as our clients to profit from this service.”

Arnold Roosch, digital workflow specialist at Markzware’s European head office in Rijswijk explains “SMG Group’s FlightCheck Online solution contains several extras that contribute to a smooth workflow. That is exactly what this solution is all about – the procurement of digital files to be delivered and processed in the shortest amount of time. Anyone can start working with it right away, and companies are also able to add their own customized functionality.”

Peter van Teeseling of SMG states, “The connection with our internal workflow is perfect and was almost too easy to create. Whenever errors or inconsistencies are detected in the file, the client receives an overview instantly. The overview report communicates to the customer what they have to adjust or fix. For us, this means that we have to perform less corrections, which reduces processing time. Now, with our FlightCheck Online solution, we have a better understanding about the files delivered to us. That results in a more consistent and predictable production process.”

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About SMG Group
SMG Group in Hasselt, The Netherlands, is a well-known graphic arts company that is focusing on the optimization of their client’s communication. SMG Group contains of four independent companies: Image World, Reproscan, Induro and Schuttersmagazijn. The aim of all four companies is to provide a wide range of cross media solutions. This is now possible for SMG Group with its companies Reproscan, Image World, Induro and Schuttersmagazijn covers the whole graphic communications range and is able to provide ideas and implementation for almost all graphic all-in-one solutions and service concepts. The complementary forms of cooperation of the group offer a distinguishing proposition to their clients. IT is the link between out clients and our service. We work continuously on the automated processes that will improve our and our clients workflow.

Over Markzware
Markzware is the leader in developing print quality control, data conversion, and print workflow solutions for the international graphic arts, printing, publishing and digital multimedia industries. Markzware is a privately held company based in Santa Ana, California. Markzware B.V. located in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, is the company’s headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit

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SMG Group implements automatic preflighting through FlightCheck® Online

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