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FlightCheck is the patented preflighting technology from Markzware. This pre press software is a great tool for printers and advertising studios to preflight documents before output. FlightCheck scans many file types and provides a thorough report of potential printing problems before printing.

As the developer of FlightCheck, Markzware participates in social networking with:

Markzware saw some posts about the growth of social networking tools, such as:
Twitter (most notably)
On, Markzware saw this “10 Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change Business” post:

Businesses are slowly adopting social media marketing. Each month Discover Financial Services publishes a monthly report called Small Business Watch, and April’s “Poll of the Month” focused on social media. Some interesting responses by the small businesses polled:

  • 38% are members of online social networking communities, as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or My Space.
  • 45% of those who currently belong an online social network use it to promote their businesses.
  • 62% percent of small business owners still do not have Web sites for their businesses.


Those are numbers for small business in general. Markzware has seen a lot of graphic designers, print advertising studios, creatives, and a growing number of printers on Twitter.

Markzware also read in AdWeek that the general population is having a hard time understanding, let alone using, Twitter, and that professionals in print advertising are more heavily into it. (Is Twitter more for business to business only?)

People who have a professional involvement in the advertising decision-making process, whether at ad agencies or client companies, were asked to choose among three ways of describing Twitter (or, as a fourth option, saying they “don’t know enough about Twitter to have an opinion”). Among these ad people, 45 percent agreed that “Twitter is something that is just in its infancy, and its use will grow exponentially over the next few years.” On the other end of the opinion spectrum, 17 percent said “Twitter is already over and it’s time to find the next best thing.” In the middle were 21 percent saying “Twitter is something that mostly young people and the media will use, but it will not move more into the mainstream.” Seventeen percent didn’t have an opinion.

Starting, managing and leaving your digital footprint via social networking is certainly important. Markzware invites you to join us for social networking:

Also, remember to use FlightCheck to preflight files for print quality control. Check files for print advertising and more, before you print. You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Social networking, Twitter, printers and advertising studios