Sorting Images in Publishing with Pre-Press Software, FlightCheck

Sorting Images in Publishing with Pre-Press Software, FlightCheck

Sorting Images in Publishing

Sorting images in publishing is a common, repetitive task. Learn how Markzware FlightCheck, pre-press software for preflighting, can help you, with ease, to sort images and image data at your publishing house. Click the video below to see how this thorough print solution can check images for page layout and help organize them for DTP:

Sorting Images in Publishing – YouTube

Pre-press software, Markzware FlightCheck, can help to sort images, as well as to
check images and image resolution for
printing quality

Sorting images in publishing (transcript):
How to sort your images after preflighting. I’m going to open a recent file here in FlightCheck, our stand-alone preflight app. (FlightCheck eagle screeches) On the first screen, we get useful tips on what the problems are. On the main screen, we can drill in and get valuable details on the file, most importantly, including colors, fonts, and image usage.

Today, I want to highlight for you something in the images section to help publishers in their publishing efforts. There are many advanced ways to sort your images in desktop publishing (DTP). There’s a lot of information on the image files, which we’ve gone over in other videos. Red means a problem, black okay. Today’s tip is, for instance, if you have a book or a lot of images, people have asked, “Can you sort alphabetically?” Well, sure. You just click on Name, then, you get space FC, and then you get numbers, and you get the B, and then L, M, etc. You can sort based on image type, over here, all the EPSs, then, we get the JPEGs, and the PDFs and the PNGs. So, all sorted, based on type. Very handy.
Sorting Images in Publishing with Markzware FlightCheck
We could also, up here, choose many other ways to view the image preflight problems (printing problems), or, for instance, just inventory. Show me just Used Images, or show me only images with Other Image Type. For instance, PDF or PNG, in this case. You see we get a little preview of the image itself, as well. We can say just show us the Missing Images, etc. We can even find that image. So, a very handy way to scan, just for the issues, for instance, these have resolutions outside the range and they’re RGB, and they’re stored, meaning unavailable for collection.

So, we can go into our Page Layout, and go page by page through your file, actually go, see on page 5, we have the problems. We go to page 5 and we can see there’s one of the stored images. We want to swap it out. We click Launch Document, and then go in and swap it out. So, these have been quick tips from Markzware on advanced image preflighting, different ways to sort your images in preflight.

Sorting images in publishing is a breeze with Markzware FlightCheck! Check image resolution, check images (EPS, TIFF, etc.), and more, with this pre-press software to ensure printing quality!

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