FlightCheck vs Stickman: Markzware Prepress Preflighting Wins

FlightCheck, Markzware‘s software for prepress preflighting, helps printers and publishers to overcome printing problems. Watch the following video, FlightCheck vs Stickman, to see the winner at preflighting during prepress:

This cool “FlightCheck vs Stickman” video on preflighting for prepress was created by David Nieuwenhuizen. He is the Markzware design-intern and student at Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR). Inspired by the “Animator vs Animation” Flash animated film by Alan Becker, this video shows animation in a fun way, while it gives you a tour of FlightCheck.

Markzware’s patented software for preflighting during prepress can check documents and flag potential printing problems before document output. Some important FlightCheck features and interface items are highlighted in this video. Click and watch, as the FlightCheck eagle has its talons full with the pesky Stickman:

FlightCheck vs Stickman

FlightCheck is the clear winner for prepress preflighting. Markzware’s
pre press software warns of file problems, so you can fix them before printing.

FlightCheck has several options to help you scan documents and catch printing problems during prepress, before printing. Customize settings in the Ground Controls for prepress, to suit your preflighting needs. Then, fix document problems before you print.
FlightCheck is available via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

FlightCheck vs Stickman: Markzware Prepress Preflighting Wins