Still Using Adobe Creative CS InDesign CS4 or Buying CS5?

Directly on the heels of the CS5 (Adobe Creative Suite 5) launch, Markzware is happy to have introduced several recent products compatible with Adobe Creative CS5. The CS5-compatible Markzware Products include as Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) for Mac, Q2ID for Windows (an Adobe CS5 plug in), and FlightCheck for Mac. These helpful tools for Creative Suite users illustrate our continuous development efforts and customer support.

However, there is a lingering question. With the state of the worldwide economy, are printers, publishers, graphic designers and others purchasing the very latest layout tools? Is Adobe Creative CS5 selling as expected or are people holding on to Adobe Creative CS4 to create products for print?

Adobe CS4

Adobe InDesign CS has become a very popular product since about 2003. In fact, it is considered by many to be the de-facto standard for creatives who create products for print by the printing and publishing industry. This is partly why Markzware developed products compatible with Adobe Creative CS5, including FlightCheck and Q2ID.

The recent tsunami of events, including the consolidation of printing and publishing, as well as the decline in print advertising, makes me wonder how many people will purchase Adobe Creative CS5? Isn’t it true that creative can still generate products with Adobe InDesign CS4?

Tell us what you are using to create products for print. Is it Adobe InDesign CS4 or Adobe CS5? Will you be upgrading? If so, why?

Further questions while you consider your quality comments:

Remember to check out FlightCheck and Q2ID for InDesign CS5. These Markzware Products are compatible with Adobe CS5 for printing and publishing.