Torreador; classical guitar composition by Markzware co-founder, Mr. Ron Crandall

Ron Crandall co-founded Markzware with President/CEO, Patrick Marchese. Ron is a chief engineer whose development efforts have involved thorough planning, preparation and practice.

Mr. Crandall has talents beyond delving into Adobe file types or preflighting. He is also a masterful composer and artist. Sit back and enjoy him playing his Ramirez classic guitar. This is one of his favorite compositions, a lovely motivational piece called “Torreador”:

Ron Crandall composed “Torreador” and plays the piece on a 1972 Ramirez guitar (2002 recording)

This type of thorough planning, preparation and practice is not only evident in his performance. It is also evident in his contributions to the development of patented preflight solutionFlightCheck. This pre press software can preflight print documents to ensure print quality control in:

FlightCheck finds potential printing problems and alerts you to them by providing a preflight report, so you can make corrections in time. FlightCheck is available online from Markzware via the FlightCheck page. For more printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.