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Resellers can follow Markzware on Twitter to connect with graphic design, publishing and printing industry experts. You can interact via social networking, improve business, share information. You can even share info on FlightCheck (Markzware‘s for preflighting software for prepress), and more.
Markzware Twitter Tweet Social Media IconHere is IT channel advice, tips and tricks by a trusted advisor. Read on to learn why and how to use Twitter as a reseller, distributor or channel player:

Is Twitter Ready For Prime Time With Small Business?
(by Stuart Crawford, March 31, 2009)
“…leveraging Twitter to reach new markets, inform clients and work in the community.

Twitter is all the rage with those active in the online world… Can Twitter will be effective as a prime time tool in mainstream marketing?…

Twitter has an active role for all small business firms and must be part of their overall marketing strategy… Twitter is playing an active role in the online strategies for many business owners…

Twitter is a wonderful example of permission based marketing because those that wish to follow you simply do…

The wonderful thing about Twitter and a long time secret to those Internet Marketing experts who figured this out early, is Twitter is simply a conduit to other great services. Twitter can be used to pull information for your corporate, association or personal blogs…

Twitter is a robust tool to reach thousands of people each day for the cost of your time to develop the content.

Are you still confused about the business benefits to Twitter? You need to look outside of the main Twitter application to see the real value… Many business owners are steering away from the spray and pray approach, electing to hand pick who they follow and in return who follows them.

Effective use of this powerful social networking tool takes careful planning and consideration before true mastery of this marketing tool occurs. Many business owners and entrepreneurs simply stop at the main Twitter website, see a tremendous amount of noise and dismiss it. Twitter is more than an online teleprompter for newsfeeds of those that you follow…

Here are three great tools that you need to have in your Twitter arsenal:
Twitterfeed… Tweetlater… TweetBeep…

Twitter when leveraged correctly can bring amazing new business results, connect you with the industry leaders and provide a conduit to share your experiences…

Before you dismiss Twitter as just another social online service with no relevance to the business community, do your homework. Twitter can work to help promote your small business to the world or simply your local community. You could learn from the industry leaders.

Relationships are still important in business, either virtual or in person. Take that first step to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others in the business world and allow you to share your insight with the global community.” Source

Resellers, you can join fellow print, publishing and graphic design professionals and follow Markzware on Twitter. Learn the latest on these industries. Get tips on preflighting, converting content and more. Make more connections to sell FlightCheck preflighting software and sell other Markzware products. Follow Markzware on Twitter for all your preflighting, prepress and data conversion news. Click the link for your region:
Markzware on Twitter
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To buy FlightCheck software for preflighting during prepress, please visit the FlightCheck page. For data conversion, desktop search, publishing, and other software, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Twitter for Resellers

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