Which Version InDesign File Is an INDD File? FlightCheck It!

Which Version of InDesign
Is My INDD File?

An InDesign file came into your prepress shop or graphic design studio. Customer has no idea which version it is. Which version of InDesign was it created in? Can you open and use that version of InDesign in your CS4, CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 applications for desktop publishing (DTP)? Will Adobe InDesign CC open it correctly?

Good questions. We cover these and more in this video tutorial:

Markzware FlightCheck can show you which version of InDesign file you have (INDD document version)

Which version of InDesign (transcription):
Alright, so what I have here is I have a file I got in from a customer, to determine which version of InDesign that file is and is the file integrity good, because it could be a bad file. So, here, I just want to show you how I’m getting it from the same USB drive. I’m going to get this file here, modified 11:14, size 19.3 megabytes same file. I’m going to first put it here on this Mac Book Pro, a more modern machine I use, with more modern applications for desktop publishing of InDesign CC, InDesign CS6, Quark 9, Quark 10, all that kind of stuff.

Which version of InDesign is my document is not so straight-forward!

Now, I have the file here. Now, what I’m going to do… We see the InDesign file here. What you can do on a Macintosh is, very simply, you just click once on the file and you do a Command-I, from Isaac. And what you get is this, very handy, for all intents and purposes, an accurate way to see information about this file. Well, we see it was created at 11:14, like we just saw. We see the size and we see the kind, an InDesign CC document.

So, that’s rather interesting, because what you’re going to see in a moment, if I take the same exact file on another machine, it’s going to tell me the kind is an InDesign something else version file. There’s a reason for that, but it’s one of the things that confuses many people out in the market is what version of inDesign file do I have here? Can I open it? Can I use it? And Markzware’s working on these problems for you.

So, anyway, we see on this machine, it’s an InDesign CC file and that’s that. Now, what I’m going to do now is for the customer, and I’m going to do that with FlightCheck, by dragging and dropping the file onto FlightCheck, down here on my Dock. FlightCheck will start up and FlightCheck will tell me which version of the file this really is.

Now, you see, I have InDesign. (FlightCheck eagle screeches)… You see FlightCheck says it’s done with preflighting and checking the file for inventory. Also, very important. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem, just tell us what’s in the file. On this machine, I have CC and CS6, and that’s why when we do a Command-I, you get that InDesign CC.

Now, besides all the results here, which any preflighter would love to use, we’re going to skip right on over to the main window. And in particular, this file info. And what we’ll see right away is that it’s a version 8 file of InDesign, meaning, as actually the customer’s file name implies, it is a CS6 file. And it’s a little bit confusing for some folks, because there’s CS6, but it’s version 8. Why isn’t CS6 version 6 dot something? Well, you can just do a quick Google search and you’ll see that version 8.x.x is a CS6 type of file. Okay? CS9 would be CC.

InDesign versioning chart should show up, yeah, right here, from Markzware. How to Open CS6 File in CS3. And this can apply also to CC and all the other versions, as well. And what you see there is, you get a very handy chart. How to Down Save InDesign File. But what’s important in this chart is that you can very quickly see that version 8 of InDesign is a CS6 and version 7.5 is version CS5.5 and version 7 is CS5, and version 6 is CS4, and version 5 is CS3. Version 4 is CS2. Kind of confusing. So, this kind of chart can help you. And we should update this to include CC. The main thing that I wanted to highlight here is how this file on this modern machine shows up as CC, even though it’s actually a CS6, as we just saw on FlightCheck.

Now, let’s go over to my other machine, my older machine, my workhorse, as I call it, and see what that Mac tells us. Alright, so now I’m down here on my older Mac Book Pro. Now, what I’m going to do is take that same exact file, which is here, and I’m going to put it in my hard drive. Add it there, but we’ll just replace the file. I have a lot of other test files. If I do a Command-I, well, look at that!

It says it’s an InDesign CS5 document. and the same size, but, because on this machine, CS5 is my main InDesign application for converting files for customers and fixing bad InDesign files, yeah, that’s what you get. So, it’s very confusing. It’s actually a CS6 file. On the other machine, it says it’s CC, and on this machine, it says it’s CS5.

That’s why I need Markzware’s FlightCheck, another Markzware technology that’ll be forthcoming to help you convert these files, help you understand what files you’re dealing with. So, just to highlight exactly what I mean here in CS5 and when I I try to open up that file… Let me just double click it. And InDesign will come back in, unfortunately, like many of you know, will tell us this. Well, it’s not really a missing plugin. Well, yes, technically it is, but you know designers are now freaking out, publishers, printers freak out, and they contact Markzware, if they find us, and we can help them, so that’s no problem.

We can down save the files for you. We have a DTP conversion service link below, which we can do this for you. But, in any event, in the meantime, you’re freaking out and you get all these different error messages that just keep coming across and the file just will not open. Now, what is rather funky, you can take that same file, open it in CS6 or CC, export as .idml, and it will open in CS5, and more or less, be perfectly OK. You can get some things which will disappear or shift you’ve got to be careful with, but exporting to IDML, you just cannot open file. That’s the problem.

Markzware also has an InDesign file conversion service, which I’ll give you more information on, or we can down save InDesign files for you. Markzware offers many plugins and extensions to help you convert files from Quark to InDesign, from InDesign to Quark, from PDF to InDesign, pretty much you name it. Check out today, and we hope this tip has helped you. Thank you. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!
End of Transcription

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Which version of InDesign is an INDD file? Use FlightCheck to find out!