Who says printing is dead? Output to tissue, as in human tissue…

Is printing dead? The death of print has always been exaggerated. In all seriousness, document output using new and exciting (yes, this may be on the exotic side of glossy) materials will likely contribute to “growth” within the printing industry. Found this article about printing via a Tweet from @driessen over at Océ and just had to share it:

New Device Prints Human Tissue

Invetech has delivered what it calls the “world’s first production model 3D bio-printer” to Organovo, developers of the proprietary NovoGen bioprinting technology. Organovo will in turn supply the devices to institutions investigating human tissue repair and organ replacement.

Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo, based in San Diego, said the units represent a breakthrough because they provide for the first time a flexible technology platform for organizations working on many different types of tissue construction and organ replacement…

Sure hope they do preflighting before outputting to print or web, as with Markzware‘s FlightCheck. They most likely in this case, print right from the native application!

Just also read today that a five-year forecast predicts high growth in digital textile print. So it is clear, certain segments of the printing market will “grow.” Please comment below.

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Who says printing is dead? Output to tissue, as in human tissue…