Print Workflow Standardization: preflight, convert, automate

print workflow is nearly impossible to make a truly standard, yet open (i.e., allowing many and any customers access). However, there are standard printing solutions, tips and tactics to help the print workflow to flow smoothly and properly. Markzware, publisher of FlightCheck (preflighting software to ensure print quality during prepress) saw this post asking for preflight, prepress and print workflow help. It reads:

Prefllight, Prepress and Basic Workflow Standardization
“I am a
print shop manager in an in-plant. One of my biggest problems is fonts. Most of the documents I get are from Word or uneducated Publisher users. Some other problems are users creating two-color jobs in CMYK and black text not being pure black. Currently we handle everything we get on an individual basis, but it is getting completely out of hand. I need to start putting in place some systems to handle some of these problems.

Is there a easy way to convert documents to pdf with the correct specifications before I get them? For example, is there a pdf print driver that I can put on my web site or push out to everyone on my network that it will create a pdf to my specifications so I do not have to worry about fonts or poor resolution? If so, how much does something like that cost?

Is there software, that can look at a pdf through a hot folder and if it is only two colors create a two-color pdf? Is there software than can ensure that black text is actually pure black so it doesn’t count as a color impression if sent to a color machine?

What I am really try to do is get some type of standard work flow in place so I can actually start working on automating some our prepress tasks.  Any advice would be appreciated.”

Markzware FlightCheck is patented preflight technology that can find and alert you to these common prepress problems. The following are helpful additions to the print workflow:

  • File Preparation Education – A tough one, but at least communicate your desires.
  • PreflightFlightCheck, PostflightAcrobat Pro; PitStop; the more the merrier.
  • File ConversionPub2ID, Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign, Adobe InDesign plug-in.
  • Print Workflow Automation – Enfocus SWITCH hot-folder driven workflow with FlightCheck preflight, in one print workflow (video):

Markzware FlightCheck in an automated workflow (Part 1 of 2)

Markzware FlightCheck in an automated workflow (Part 2 of 2)

FlightCheck can check documents in:

Markzware’s preflighting software for prepress is available online, via the FlightCheck page. See more print workflow solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Print Workflow Standardization: preflight, convert, automate