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SANTA ANA, California – October 25, 2004 – Graphic Design alert! Markzware is the leading developer of print quality control and workflow solutions for the global graphic arts and printing industries. Markzware is pleased to announce the immediate availability of FlightCheck Studio. FlightCheck Studio is a new concept in quality control: examining and repairing documents while they are created. Graphic Designers – note: FlightCheck Studio is now FlightCheck.

FlightCheck Studio is capable of detecting virtually all problems commonly encountered in the graphic design, print and publishing industries. Document design specifications are based on rules known as “Design Policies.” A Design Policy is saved as a file, which is then distributed to any number of designers, or customers to insure all documents will comply with your Graphic Design Policy.

All aspects of the design can be controlled including: style sheets, font usage, images, colors, etc. FlightCheck Studio functions like a spell checker for graphic designers finding and correcting design problems while the document is being created. “As you are going along creating a document and go outside the parameter, Studio warns you and presents the opportunity to quickly fix the problem,” said Patrick Marchese, president of Markzware. Marchese continues, “Studio allows you to focus on your masterpiece while Studio ensures that any errors are identified and fixed quickly.”

Who would use FlightCheck Studio?
Graphic Design: An Ad Agency or Design Studio – The Art Director creates a Design Policy for a customer job, e.g. specific fonts, corporate spot colors, page geometry, plus the usual range of print & publishing requirements. This password protected Design Policy is then distributed to each graphic designer providing a base-line for adherence to the design specification.

Book Publisher – Working with staff writers and independent authors, the challenge is to focus on editing submissions for their content and final assembly, not be delayed by reworking page layout, page geometry, fonts, color space and so forth. FlightCheck Studio is your design watch-dog, ensuring that each component of the book submitted will fit with the others.

Freelance Graphic Designer – Working on a job for a client or agency, the independent designer can know the exact job specifications and FlightCheck Studio will keep watch for compliance. When errors are detected, FlightCheck Studio has an easy-to-use interface, tracks the error to its source, and automatically corrects most common problems with a single click!

Set a Design policy today! The first in a series of FlightCheck Studio products is a QuarkXPress XTension requiring QuarkXPress v6.x running on Macintosh OS X 10.2 operating system and above as well as QuarkXPress v5.x and 4.11 running on OS9. The MSRP for FlightCheck Studio is $299.00. You can also visit http://www.markzware.com.

About Markzware
Markzware is the leading developer of quality assurance, data conversion and workflow solutions for the international graphic design, printing, publishing and digital multi-media industries. Markzware is a privately-held company based in Santa Ana, California. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is the company’s headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. http://www.markzware.com

© 2004 Markzware. All rights reserved. Covered by U.S. Patent # 5,963,641

Now graphic design and the broader graphic arts can succeed with FlightCheck Studio!

Title: FlightCheck Studio for Graphic Design
Published on: October 25, 2004
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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