FlightCheck Training for Graphic Arts

FlightCheck Training for Graphic Arts

FlightCheck Training from Markzware via I.O. Technologies for your Preflight Workflow…

SANTA ANA, California – June 17, 2004 – FlightCheck Training comes to graphic arts users! Markzware, leading developer of print quality assurance or preflight applications for the graphic arts and printing industries, is pleased to announce the new FlightCheck Training course, available in I.O. Technologies’ learning environment.

This unique FlightCheck training program offers in-depth preflight training from industry experts in graphic arts, Eric Kenly and Bob Monte of I.O. Technologies, plus step-by-step training on FlightCheck 5 from Doug Rosen and other experts at Markzware. “We plan to produce advanced FlightCheck training on PDF preflight and Quark or CS5 preflight, as well as expanding the preflight training to include other languages,” said Patrick Marchese, founder and CEO of Markzware.

The FlightCheck Training program is linked to InfoFind, an interactive glossary and lexicon connecting the training to a database of quick reference terms containing over 12,000 references, of which 50% are illustrated or animated. The InfoFind interactive glossary is completely indexed and searchable.

“Each of the FlightCheck preflight programs contains basic processed focus education coupled with in-depth training on the FlightCheck software,” said Richard Burke, COO of I.O.Technologies. “This first program includes a solid introduction to preflight, coupled with complete step-by-step training on the use of FlightCheck with Adobe InDesign,” continued Burke.

FlightCheck Training course for graphic arts may be purchased directly through Markzware Direct Sales at (800) 300-3532. See the Markzware Products page for more printing solutions.

About Markzware
Markzware is the leading developer of quality assurance or preflight, data conversion and workflow solutions for the international graphic arts, printing, publishing and digital multi-media industries. Markzware is a privately-held company based in Santa Ana, California. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is the company’s headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. https://markzware.com

© 2004 Markzware. All rights reserved. Covered by U.S. Patent # 5,963,641

FlightCheck Training for graphic arts in your preflight workflow!

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