Markzware Donation Upgrades Cal Poly Graphic Communication Labs

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SANTA ANA, California – August 15, 2007 – Markzware, a leading software publishing company, donated licenses of a new software program, enabling Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department to upgrade its electronic printing and publishing laboratories.

Markzware donated 64 licenses of patented preflighting technology, FlightCheck Professional Version 6, valued at $32,000. This is a pre press software used to manage print quality control for prepress jobs. This preflight solution provides both native file and PDF preflight checking.

FlightCheck is designed for creative professionals, graphic designers, prepress departments, customer service representatives and professionals in the digital printing and publishing industries. This desktop publishing (DTP) software helps prepare PDF and other documents for commercial printing. It helps save printers and publishers time and money by avoiding re-printing jobs.

“We use Markzware FlightCheck Pro to teach undergraduates about the complexities and requirements needed to prepare a job for print,” said Jon Sehmer, technician for the Graphic Communication Department’s electronic printing and publishing labs.

Mary Gay Marchese, Markzware‘s director of public relations, said, “Markzware is proud to provide preflighting technology to Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department. It allows us to work together to prepare students with electronic printing and publishing skills and support teachers using technology to improve student learning.”

Markzware has long been dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning experiences that engage and inspire students, according to Harvey Levenson, head of the Graphic Communication Department. “Markzware has been a partner in education with Cal Poly for many years. There is absolutely no question that our students are uniquely prepared to enter the graphic communication industry as a result of their in-depth understanding of preflighting – an essential knowledge of industry professionals.”

About Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department:
Founded in 1947, Cal Poly has one of the largest graphic communication programs in the United States ( With over 33,000 square feet of laboratory space, Cal Poly continues to advance the educational offerings for students studying printing, electronic imaging, packaging, publishing, and cross-channel communications. The department houses some of the most modern laboratory facilities in graphic arts education and is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council of Collegiate Graphic Communications. The department houses the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly to conduct research, testing, product evaluations, seminars, workshops and conferences. The department is presently in the midst of a $2.5 million development program to ensure that it continues preparing highly qualified graduates and providing services to industry.

About Markzware:
Markzware is the leading developer of quality assurance, data conversion and workflow solutions for the international graphic arts, printing, publishing and digital multimedia industries. Markzware is a privately held company based in Santa Ana, California. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, is the company’s headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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Markzware Donation Upgrades Cal Poly Graphic Communication Labs

Title: Markzware Donation Upgrades Cal Poly Graphic Communication Labs
Published on: August 15, 2007
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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