PIASD Hosts Printing 101 – Printing How-to Seminar

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Markzware, developer of FlightCheck software for preflighting, had the pleasure of attending the
PIASD (Printing Industries Association of San Diego) Seminar “Printing 101″ at Marcoa Publishing.
This beautiful facility was an excellent place to tour and gain an understanding of what happens
behind the scenes in the print workflow.

Marcoa Publishing, site of PIASD Printing 101 Introduction to Print Seminar
PIA SD Location for Printing 101

This printing how-to presentation was a great opportunity for printing industry members and start-ups to learn more about
print basics. The big-picture overview by Neil Bruington helped the students to gain an understanding of:

  • different print processes/requirements
  • file construction
  • the importance of preflighting
  • color (theory, use and characteristics)
  • proofing
  • film assembly
  • CTP, Press, Finishing

PIASD Printing 101 Introduction to Print Seminar
Printing 101 Seminar at Marcoa Publishing

Markzware FlightCheck Winner, Ernie Foutch, print manager, Custom Logos
Markzware FlightCheck winner, Ernie Foutch, with Custom Logos team

Markzware FlightCheck Winner, Jen Tseeng, Hewlitt Packard
Markzware FlightCheck winner, Jen Tseeng of Hewlitt Packard

Bruington is a graphic arts instructor with a 27+ year career at Palomar College. Bruington shared his expertise and knowledge to a packed class room. Included in this event, was a tour of the facility. Students saw firsthand the printing of plates, and what takes place in print production. They could ask questions and see the process unfold in real time. The students saw how Markzware‘s FlightCheck is used for preflighting graphic design files for print quality of document output.

The second portion was taught by Joyce Pekala, the founder of Strategy Green and has spent over 20 years in the paper, printing and graphic design arena. It was fascinating learning about basic characteristics, types, finishes, etc. There is much to learn than what meets the eye.

Pekala discussed what to consider with regards to choosing the right paper for the right job when you print and all the options that are available. The class went over several case studies which helped everyone understand all the considerations that need to be made to ensure the marketing goals are met in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

Markzware was happy to provide the winners with FlightCheck. You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution for print quality control via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

PIASD Hosts Printing 101 – Printing How-to Seminar

Title: PIASD Hosts Printing 101 – Printing How-to Seminar
Published on: March 27, 2009
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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