Why Preflight, Why FlightCheck vs Adobe InDesign: Edward Don & Company

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Why Preflight,
Why FlightCheck vs Adobe InDesign:
Edward Don & Company


Markzware FlightCheck User, Edward Don & Company, on
Why Preflight & Why FlightCheck instead of Adobe InDesign’s Preflight Panel

SANTA ANA, California, April 22, 2019 — Markzware, leading innovator of desktop publishing and printing solutions, had the privilege of interviewing Alaina Shull of Edward Don & Company (Don.com). They are a leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies. Alaina shares their experience with preflighting via Adobe InDesign and via FlightCheck, through an educational video testimonial with Markzware. 

Edward Don & Company has been one of the early adopters of Markzware’s preflight solution, FlightCheck, using it before creating PDFs for the printer. Ms. Shull has furthered her education within graphic design and print production, utilizing Markzware’s pre-press software. It teaches not only her, but also the rest of her colleagues, about new conditions.

According to Shull, “FlightCheck shows me more (compared to InDesign’s preflight) of the image side of things. It allows you to look at everything in the document all at one time.” Shull continues, “FlightCheck shows you a more in-depth view of your documents and shows you things that InDesign built-in preflighting doesn’t show you.”

Currently, Edward Don & Company is using FlightCheck, with its in-depth details, to check their product catalogs and to ensure that all will go well, when sending them to print. Shull said, “We preflight to help us get an accurate look at our documents and what we will be sending out to the printer and helps us to look at specific errors that there may be. FlightCheck looks at the details of the images and the quality of the images, to see if there is anything out of whack.”

Shull continues to say, “It has been very helpful and shows us a lot of things that InDesign doesn’t.  FlightCheck shows us more of the image side of things, which is mostly what people are going to be looking at, in the end. It allows you to look at everything in the document, all at one time. I like that it really points out the errors and points to the exact location of where the image can be found.”

Want to see how FlightCheck keeps their team on the same page? Click here, to watch Markzware’s video of Alaina Shull from Edward Don & Company, being interviewed by David Dilling. 

Video: FlightCheck User Edward Don & Company Interview

InDesign User/Graphic Designer/Marketer/Markzware FlightCheck Mac User, Alaina Shull, Edward Don & Company/Don.com

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Why Preflight, Why FlightCheck vs Adobe InDesign: Edward Don & Company

Title: Why Preflight, Why FlightCheck vs Adobe InDesign: Edward Don & Company
Published on: April 22, 2019
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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