How to Open InDesign CS5, CS6 & CC Files in the Right InDesign Version

How to open InDesign CS5, CS6 & CC files in the right InDesign version, using ID Util for macOS, a stand-alone application from Markzware:

Wish there was an easy way to tell which Adobe InDesign version was used to create the INDD document you’re viewing? Here, Markzware shows you how to use an application that will display the InDesign version in which the document was designed.

Markzware provides tools to help creative professionals to access, preflight and convert Adobe InDesign and other DTP files. Markzware’s ID Util for macOS is a lightweight app that lets you preview InDesign, InCopy and IDML files.

Learn how to use ID Util to see whether your InDesign file is InDesign CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, or CS5. That way, you can make sure to open the file in the most suitable application version. Check out this demonstration video:

How to Open InDesign CS5, CS6 & CC Files in the Right InDesign Version

Markzware’s ID Util for macOS app enables users to preview InDesign, IDML and InCopy files, and to export those previews as PNG, JPG or PDF. When you preview an InDesign CS5 file with ID Util, for example, your file’s version number is displayed at the top of Preview Window.

How to Use ID Util for macOS by Markzware:
• Install ID Util on your Mac system.
• Select the InDesign, IDML, or InCopy file in Finder.
• To preview the selected file, click the spacebar.
• For thumbnail-sized previews, view your files in thumbnail view.
• To see more detail, zoom in.
• To see multiple pages at once, zoom out.

Markzware’s InDesign file processing solutions can help creatives to keep documents organized and to reduce labor. Even without Adobe apps on your system, if you have InDesign present, you have the ability to generate high resolution previews of your documents through ID Util. If the InDesign version that matches a file is found, ID Util can open the file in the same version.

Advantages of Using ID Util for macOS:
• simple operation: Just click your spacebar to preview Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy files.
• file type flexibility: Preview and export previews from a range of Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy versions (CS6 through CC 2015).
• no cost to download: ID Util is free at the Mac App Store.
• convenient file version display: Get a fast look at your InDesign file version.

Markzware‘s ID Util Shows the File’s InDesign Version, So You Can
Open InDesign CS5, CS6 & CC Files in the Right InDesign Version:

ID Util for macOS also provides these helpful features:
• View styled stories from InDesign files.
• View previews of linked images.
• View a list of used fonts.
• Print the document previews.
• Resave the document with High Resolution previews of all pages (with InDesign installed).

A designer with a multitude of documents on a system may need to figure out which version a particular INDD document is. One of the features in ID Util for macOS gives designers an immediate way to check the file version.

ID Util for macOS supports InDesign, IDML, and InCopy versions for Adobe
• CC 2015
• CC 2014
• CC
• CS6
• CS5.5
• CS5
• CS4
• CS3
• CS2

Wouldn’t it be easier to know your InDesign file’s version number, if that version number was displayed right on your screen? ID Util clearly shows you the InDesign version in which the file was created.

Download ID Util for macOS
You can download ID Util on the Mac App Store now for free. See more solutions for Adobe, macOS, and more, on the Markzware Products page.

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How to Open InDesign CS5, CS6 & CC Files in the Right InDesign Version