How to Convert InDesign CS, CC Files to QuarkXPress via ID2Q

How to convert InDesign CS and CC files to QuarkXPress, using Markzware’s Quark XTension, ID2Q:

ID2Q (Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress) is an XTension for QuarkXPress. It provides users a quick way to migrate their InDesign CS-CC content into a new QuarkXPress document.

ID2Q converts each InDesign CC or CS file into your new QuarkXPress document. In an instant, you can convert details of an InDesign (INDD) file to a QXP file, using ID2Q.
How to Convert InDesign CS, CC Files to QuarkXPress via ID2Q:

1. Install ID2Q and click the “Markzware” menu item in the QuarkXPress menu bar, to bring up the ID2Q menu.

2. Hover over the word “ID2Q” and click “Convert InDesign® Document…” in the ID2Q menu selections.

3. Select the InDesign file (INDD document) you wish to convert and click “Open”.

4. Click “OK” in the Conversion Options window.

5. Edit and save the new QuarkXPress (QXP) document.

QuarkXPress users can format lists for digital publishing. With ID2Q, QuarkXPress users can convert InDesign to a layout program with which they are comfortable. This valuable XTension brings over elements from the original INDD document to the QXP document.

ID2Q converts one file format (Adobe InDesign CS or CC) to another file format (QuarkXPress). This conversion software can bring over details, as they look in Adobe InDesign, to QuarkXPress.

Using ID2Q to Convert InDesign CS, CC Files to QuarkXPress:

• can save you valuable graphic design time.
• works great for file conversion and saves time on graphic arts projects.
• helps you to get the look of an InDesign CS or InDesign CC file in QuarkXPress.
• saves a tremendous amount of effort, compared to recreating entire documents from scratch.

ID2Q is time-saving conversion software that you can add to your XTensions toolkit. Watch this video demonstration of data conversion:

How to Convert InDesign CS, CC Files to QuarkXPress via ID2Q

ID2Q can convert InDesign Creative Suite or Creative Cloud content to QuarkXPress.

You can save images and more from InDesign in a new QuarkXPress document. Items that ID2Q can convert from InDesign include:

InDesign and QuarkXPress features may differ:

To buy Markzware‘s InDesign to QuarkXPress XTension, please visit the ID2Q page. The ID2Q perpetual bundle includes multiple Quark XTensions for Mac and Win.You can buy more document conversion tools, via the Markzware Products page.

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How to Convert InDesign CS, CC Files to QuarkXPress via ID2Q