Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Text Attributes Conversion

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 and text attributes in data conversion from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress:

Here are some document conversion notes for when you convert InDesign to QuarkXPress with Markzware’s Quark XTensionID2Q. This conversion software can import InDesign files (INDD documents) into QuarkXPress (QXP) documents.

ID2Q Text Attributes

1. Auto-Leading in InDesign is per ParaStyle whereas in QuarkXPress this is global preference.
2. Character Spacing is not supported for TextOnPath.
3. If the Horizontal and Vertical Scale are different, then the one not equal to 100% will be used.
4. Text Skew is not supported because QuarkXPress applies Text Skew to the entire text box.
5. QuarkXPress determines overflow using a font’s descent. To accommodate for this you can use the
Overflowed Text Boxes” feature which will increase the text box bottom up to 4 pts, in auto 1 pt increments.
6. QuarkXPress does not support Align Last Line.
7. Text Stroke Color not supported.
8. Text filled with a color of None and then stroked loses the stroke in conversion and looks invisible.
9. A Section Marker will be displayed as Current Page.
10. Only Characters and Letters of Nested Styles are supported.
11. There is no specific H&Js in InDesign. Instead the settings are maintained within Paragraph settings.
12. Right Indent Tab will not Justify text Full Right in QuarkXPress.

For more information on Markzware’s XTension to open InDesign within QuarkXPress, please visit the ID2Q page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) solutions and conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Text Attributes Conversion