Video: IDMarkz SE For Windows – Quick Overview

This video provides a quick overview of Markzware’s IDMarkz SE for Windows. This easy-to-use,
Adobe InDesign to IDML conversion application creates an IDML file and
allows you to auto-open the created IDML in other applications loaded on your computer.

How To Convert InDesign Files on Windows

Drag your InDesign file(s) onto the IDMarkz SE window, to convert to IDML. Alternatively, you can use Control-O, and an “Open File” dialog will allow you to select an InDesign file to convert.

You can Save the IDML file at the same level of the document, to the document’s ‘IDMarkz’ folder, or you can navigate to a custom folder. For example, click the “Browse” button and select a folder on your Desktop. Then, when you convert a file, it will appear in that folder.

Preview & Convert InDesign Files to Many Formats on Windows: Markzware IDMarkz SE Overview

Convert InDesign Content to QuarkXPress, Illustrator,
Affinity Publisher, PDF & More, Then Edit on Windows

IDMarkz SE is Markzware’s stand-alone Adobe InDesign to IDML converter for Windows, with a simple interface that can also open the file in IDML-supporting applications, including QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, and older InDesign versions.

Now, You Can Convert And Edit
Adobe InDesign Files on Windows!

You can select the app in which a file will open. For example, click on the Affinity Publisher icon at the top of IDMarkz SE and drag your InDesign file onto the IDMarkz SE window. The file will open in Affinity Publisher and you can Save this .afpub file and edit within Affinity Publisher.

Purchasing And Availability

Open Adobe InDesign files on Windows.
Download IDMarkz SE, today,
to convert and modify INDD files and more.

IDMarkz SE for Windows is now available as a
Subscription for only $109, or as a
Perpetual version for $179

Check out the great Reviews and
Tutorials about IDMarkz.

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Convert InDesign Files to Many Formats on Windows: IDMarkz SE Overview

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