Recover Documents: Corrupt Adobe CS Design Document Recovery

Corrupt Adobe CS Design document files can require a quick InDesign file recovery solution. Across the pond in London, Daniel Greenwood, New Media Manager for Feast Creative, a full-service design company specializing in the world of Theatre and the Arts, encountered one of these corrupt InDesign files.

“In the future, we will go
directly to Markzware”

– Daniel Greenwood, new media manager,
Feast Creative Ltd.

Adobe InDesign CS5 is used to create brochures, posters and leaflets by Greenwood, who suddenly lost his project and 10+ hours of work involved.  Greenwood explains, “I don’t really know how it happened, my InDesign CS5 file crashed while the file was open, and after a restart, the file couldn’t be opened.  Each time I tried to restore the file, it crashed again.”

When corrupt InDesign documents occurred in the past, Greenwood had requested assistance from Adobe forum contacts, who, according to Greenwood, “weren’t a great deal of help.” The decision was made at the time to just recreate the documents, before they discovered Markzware and this service.

“I immediately did a google search and found Markzware.” Markzware File Recovery Service came to the rescue. The recovery was 95% with only some font issues and a couple of graphics and links needing to be redone, so this valuable service saved both time and money.

“In the future, we will go directly to Markzware, without wasting time attempting to fix it ourselves. The turnaround was very good, as it took roughly 4 hours, but done overnight, so work continued normally the following day,” Greenwood said.

Corrupt Adobe CS Design documents need InDesign file recovery? Contact Markzware for help to recover InDesign or Adobe CS Design. Markzware File Recovery can fix bad Adobe InDesign CS5 documents for you, so that you can meet your deadlines.

Recover Documents: Corrupt Adobe CS Design Document Recovery