Damaged InDesign File Recovery Service: MarkzTools To Repair InDesign

A damaged InDesign file, which would NOT open is something that most Adobe InDesign users fear. Levent, an Adobe InDesign user in Bulgaria, had a large damaged InDesign file, yet it was fixable, thanks to the Markzware File Recovery Service.

The damaged InDesign file story is told by Levent in this video:

Damaged InDesign File Recovery by Markzware

Hello, everybody. My name is Levent. On my recent project, I was working in
InDesign, when the program crashed and the file I was working on was damaged. When I tried to open it, there were some error messages, and the program crashed again. It happened every time I was trying to open that document, so I tried to find any solution to my problem.

On the internet, I pretty quickly found the Markzware company and the posts of a lot of people that had found the solution to a similar problem that I had, so I decided to send them my corrupt file and to see what would happen. Everybody was saying that the Markzware guys are pretty fast, but I didn’t expect them to be so fast, especially on a Saturday. In less than three hours, they sent me back a fixed file, which was pretty amazing. It’s a very big file with a lot of text, tables, images, etc., so I just wanted to see if everything was in its place. Of course, there were some missing links, but I will fix them easily.

The most important thing is to see if the file can be opened. As you see, it’s open and it seems that everything is pretty good. My images are there, my links, my text, everything is in place. So, I can say that my file is saved at 99%. That’s why I want to thank, once again, Markzware, and a special thanks to David Dilling. Thanks.
(End Transcript)

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