Down-Save Quark Files: Salvage and Prevent Corrupt QuarkXPress with MarkzTools

MarkzTools is a Quark XTension by Markzware. Markzware’s File Recovery Service can use this technology to down-save Quark files, salvage Quark files, and prevent corrupt QuarkXPress.

MarkzTools has several features and functions, including the ability to down-save Quark files from Quark 8 to Quark 6 or Quark 4. Watch this video on how Markzware uses MarkzTools to down-save Quark 8 to Quark 4 (QXP documents):

Down-Save Quark files from Quark 8 to Quark 4

Markzware File Recovery can use a Quark XTension to
save QuarkXPress files for you

With MarkzTools, we can:

This Quark XTension brings peace of mind to Quark users, as it can ensure integrity of Quark files. Contact Markzware today to take advantage of the Markzware File Recovery Service. We can use MarkzTools to down-save Quark files, salvage Quark files, and help prevent corrupt QuarkXPress files.

Do you have a QXP file that needs a Quark fix?