Fix Corrupt InDesign Files with Markzware File Recovery Service and Adobe Plug-Ins

How to fix corrupt InDesign files:

Corrupt InDesign, or bad InDesign documents that crashed, are unfortunately a reality. We hope this will not be something you experience. If you do, here is a great potential work-around to fix InDesign files. You can use the Markzware File Recovery Service or Adobe plug-ins by Markzware, like ID2Q and Q2ID. Here is a listing of typical InDesign error messages:

The application InDesign has unexpectedly quit. Markzware File Recovery can help. The InDesign application quit. It generated a crash report.
Select Continue to add a detailed description that includes the steps required to reproduce the crash.
This provides a chance to fix this problem.

These are the instructions and inventory list of software (XTension and InDesign plugin products) needed. It is a work-around. Markzware develops Adobe InDesign plugin and more products that work quite well to solve these InDesign error issues. See below for the Markzware File Recovery Service to FIX INDESIGN FILES.

What to do:
– Ensure installation of QuarkXPress 8 or 9.
– Ensure installation of Markzware’s ID2Q.
– Open InDesign file in QuarkXPress via ID2Q (Under “Utilities).
– Save the converted corrupt InDesign file as a QuarkXPress file to your desktop with a QXP extension.
– Ensure installation of InDesign CS4 or CS5.
– Ensure installation of Markzware’s Q2ID plugin.
– In InDesign, go to “File->Open.”
– Select the salvaged file now in a QuarkXPress QXP form.
*** If you can open InDesign and access the INDD file at this point, you can recover InDesign!***

First, fix corrupt InDesign files with the Markzware Adobe plug-ins. Then, export them as an Adobe Interchange INX format. This should zap any corrupt InDesign that may be lingering in most cases. Then, you can work on!

Markzware is well known for MarkzTools, its Quark XTension to fix QuarkXPress files. We also have Adobe plug- ins to fix corrupt InDesign files, so submit your corrupt InDesign files today! (Details below.)

Don’t have Quark? Still need to fix InDesign files? Markzware knows a few things about how to fix corrupt InDesign files and can recover InDesign for you! For a small fee starting at 99 USD/EUR per bad file, we can help. This is a “No Cure, No Pay” service, apart from the non-refundable in-take fee of 19 ($/€). If we cannot fix InDesign files for you, then you pay nothing further! When we have attempted to fix corrupt InDesign files, our success rate in file recovery has been pretty high!

See how to fix InDesign with the Markzware File Recovery Service by reading about how Markzware helped Adobe INDD users to recover InDesign!

Title: Fix Corrupt InDesign Files with Markzware File Recovery Service and Adobe Plug-Ins
Published on: April 17, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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