Get Quark content into InDesign with Markzware MarkzTools

Another Quark XTension in the Markzware Products line can help down-save Quark content. MarkzTools was mentioned by Adobe forum participant, macinbytes. MarkzTools is a valid option for switching to InDesign, while still having the most current version of QuarkXPress 8:

“If you don’t intend on getting rid of Quark, I’d recommend you get MarkzTools over Q2ID. It allows you to back save to a version that InDesign can take.

The erratic stuff that will happen from Q2ID is the same as what you get from importing Q4 (variations in frame insets and the like, crying about custom hyphenation). This way you gain the ability to get your Quark 8 files into InDesign and more. Q2ID really shines if you don’t own Quark or find Quark so utterly repulsive that you refuse to use it [QuarkXPress].

Converting files over is much better than rebuilding in some cases, but it’s not all puppies and kitties. If you built the file in Quark and have an issue with the conversion, in some cases it can be better to make the correction in Quark…

Either way, as stated above, Markzware makes some fine products.”
Source: Adobe Forums —  posted by macinbytes

Down-Save QuarkXPress with MarkzTools
If you down-save Quark, it could help when you need to get Quark content into InDesign.

QuarkXPress XTension, Markzware MarkzTools can down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version. This can make things easier when handling jobs involving QXP files. Check out the Markzware File Recovery Service and let us know if we can use MarkzTools to help you with your QXP documents.

Get Quark content into InDesign with Markzware MarkzTools