InDesign CS6 to IDML Document Conversion via MarkzTools2 Conversion Tools

InDesign CS6 to IDML document conversion via MarkzTools2 conversion tools from Markzware:

Many Adobe InDesign users have chosen to use a Creative Suite version, such as CS6, rather than subscribe to Creative Cloud. InDesign CS6 (INDD) file handlers may want to batch convert multiple InDesign documents in a folder to InDesign Markup Language. There is conversion software to help with this INDD to IDML file conversion.

Markzware gives InDesign and other DTP file users innovative ways to expand their potential. MarkzTools2 is a stand-alone application from Markzware that can convert InDesign to IDML.

You can convert an InDesign file to an IDML file, in a quick way, using MarkzTools2. See how, in this demonstration video:

InDesign CS6 to IDML Document Conversion via MarkzTools2 Conversion Tools

MarkzTools2 by Markzware can help InDesign CS6 users who are not on Creative Cloud to convert INDD files to IDML.

MarkzTools2 Benefits
• is low cost and does not require a Creative Cloud subscription.
• can convert multiple versions of InDesign to IDML.
• makes document conversion easy, with a simple “drag and drop” method.
• helps you to safeguard your InDesign files (without Adobe InDesign or Creative Cloud), by creating a backup file.
• allows you to see the open IDML, upon completion of conversion.

When deciding how to create IDML files, you may want to consider benefits that your organization could gain from quality InDesign conversion tools. MarkzTools2 has an organized, clean interface for handling data conversion.

To start your file conversion, just drag the document icon to the main window in MarkzTools2. If you prefer, you could also start the document conversion by finding and choosing a document via the File -> Convert menu. Once the conversion process is complete, the IDML file will be added to the File -> Recent menu.

Markzware is pleased to bring professional conversion technology to users of InDesign CS6 and other files. MarkzTools2 enables InDesign CS6 users to improve the process of conversion to IDML for print, publishing, and graphic arts workflows.

Options You Can Select for Specific Functions After
InDesign CS6 to IDML Document Conversion via
MarkzTools2 Conversion Tools:

MarkzTools2 Features
• standalone file conversion, as well as batch file conversion, conversion tracking, and successful conversion notification
• InDesign file version view
• multi-language support, with translations in its menus and windows.

MarkzTools2 can open an IDML file within Adobe InDesign, after the InDesign to IDML file conversion. It creates a backup file of your document, without requiring you to install or run the InDesign program on the computer in use.

Markzware‘s MarkzTools2 displays the progress of the file conversion, allowing you to track the process. You can choose options for playing a sound upon a successful file conversion.

You can send MarkzTools2 a path to a file or folder, to convert the documents to IDML. You can even save the document as the IDML filename in InDesign.
InDesign displays missing images as gray boxes. MarkzTools2 can create low-res previews for these missing images. You can also set MarkzTools2 to extract the previews without creating an IDML.

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InDesign CS6 to IDML Document Conversion via MarkzTools2 Conversion Tools