MarkzTools for InDesign Deactivation

You can deactivate MarkzTools for InDesign by using the Setup App or by manual deactivation. Both methods follow for deactivating Markzware‘s data conversion software to open InDesign CS5CS6 files in a higher version:

MarkzTools for InDesign Deactivation Using Setup App (Method 1)

MarkzTools Deactivation –> Run The Installer
To begin the deactivation process, run the MarkzTools Installer by double-clicking the Setup icon. This is the same installer you used when first installing MarkzTools. If you do not have your installer available, you may re-download it from the url that came with your original order. Make sure and Quit InDesign before you run the Setup program.

MarkzTools Deactivation – Click Remove
Click the Remove button to begin the Uninstall/Deactivation process.

MarkzTools Deactivation – Choose a Folder
You may be asked to locate your InDesign folder. In some cases, the installer will remember where you installed your version of MarkzTools and this window will not appear. If the window shown above does appear, select the version of InDesign under which you have been running MarkzTools. In this example, MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 Mac is currently installed and thus one must select the Adobe InDesign CS6 folder. Once the folder has been selected, click the OK button.

MarkzTools Deactivation – Enter your Password
Enter your Username and Password for this account and then click OK.

MarkzTools Removal and Deactivation complete, License Available to Move to Another Computer
Once MarkzTools has been removed/deactivated, you will see a confirmation screen. Click OK to close the window. MarkzTools has now been removed and deactivated.

Manually Deactivating MarkzTools for InDesign (Method 2)

If you do not have access to the Setup application originally used to install MarkzTools for InDesign, you can still deactivate MarkzTools by manually uninstalling the MarkzTools plug-in. While this section shows how to manually uninstall and deactivate MarkzTools under InDesign CS6, the same method works for CS5.5 and CS5, except the location of the MarkzTools Plug-In is different for each version of InDesign.
**Make sure InDesign is not running before doing the following steps.

Navigate to your Applications folder

Plug-Ins folder
Inside the Adobe InDesign CS6 folder you will see a folder named Plug-Ins, double-click the Plug-Ins folder to open it.

Filters folder
Inside the Plug-Ins folder, double-click the Filters folder.

Markzware folder
Inside the Filters folder, double-click the Markzware folder.

Remove the MarkzTools Plug-in
The MarkzTools plugin resides inside the Markzware folder. Simply move the MarkzTools InDesign plugin to the Trash and empty the trash. This will remove the MarkzTools Plug-In from your computer.
****At this point the license is available to be moved or loaded onto another computer.

For more information on this data conversion software, please visit the MarkzTools page. To see more desktop publishing (DTP) software and conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.