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Conversion solutions play a key role in the creative workflow process. Markzware continues to focus on addressing the needs of the graphic arts community by developing conversion solutions, such as MarkzTools, for the industry.

Markzware expands its line of affordable data conversion and preflighting tools. Markzware’s objective is developing tools that work and provide superb value for the company’s customers. Ease of use and day-to-day labor reduction are key design factors.

Markzware products help the printing industry minimize environmental impact by repurposing existing content, reducing reprinting and recreation of print jobs that reduce ink, chemical, paper and electrical consumption. Customers are enjoying the time-saving conversion software.

MarkzTools, a Quark XTension from Markzware, can convert a higher version of Quark to a lower version. This XTension can salvage bad QuarkXPress files, as well as verify and maintain file integrity. MarkzTools makes it easy to save corrupt Quark files or downsave Quark 8 to Quark 6.

Michael Zack, graphic artist for the Oakland County Government in Oakland, Michigan said, “When you don’t use Quark on a regular basis, it is quite daunting to convert a document manually. With Q2ID, it is as easy as opening up any document in InDesign. You really don’t have to think about it.”

Q2ID is truly an amazing piece of engineering and the simplicity of its use is great….It’s the best $200 I spent. Paid for itself the day I bought it. Can’t get a much better ROI than that.” — Caleb Clauset, Design and Consulting 2CDesign.

Hollis Barnhart, freelance graphic and layout designer, said “Q2ID is indispensable. It was a wonderful investment, and it saved me and a client a lot of work.”

“Over the years, I have found the Markzware conversion tools to be some of the best written and easy to use products on the market. The latest upgrade of Q2ID is the one major tool that Adobe ‘should have’ written into InDesign,” said Allen Kalka, Web-n-Design.

Markzware also has more conversion tools. You can convert QuarkXPress documents to Adobe InDesign with ID2QPub2ID can convert Microsoft Publisher to InDesign. Convert QuarkXPress from higher versions to lower and save QuarkXPress files with MarkzTools.

Have you tried any of these conversion solutions?  Markzware would like to hear about your experience and post it in a future blog post.

Freebie:  Free tool for PDF Conversion to Microsoft Word (Upload a PDF file for conversion to Microsoft Word or RTF and get the result emailed to you.)

Markzware Conversion Solutions-MarkzTools-Q2ID-ID2Q-Pub2ID