Open CC in CS6 InDesign

Open CC in CS6 InDesign!

Opening InDesign CC or CC 2014 files in a CS6 version of the application is often needed. For many, IDML is not an option. Watch the ways you can open CC in a CS6 version of InDesign in this instructional video tutorial:

Open CC in CS6 InDesign – YouTube

Transcription of Open CC in CS6 InDesign

Hi, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware and today, we’re going to show you how to open CC in CS6 versions of InDesign. In other words, how to open InDesign CC or CC 2014 files, or 2013, as well, right up in CS6, even if it’s a non-subscription version. And, for that matter, the same applies for CS5.5 or CS5 users. So, let’s go check it out.

Open CC in CS6 InDesign – InDesign versions Chart

Alright, so here we are in InDesign CS6, as you can see up there. And when I take a file and I drag and drop it onto the InDesign CS6 application, we get the standard InDesign message here. “Cannot open Golden-Rule-InDesign-Template…”, because it was saved with the new version of Adobe InDesign CC 10.0.

Not everyone has CC and not everyone wants to go back and ask the customer to do that process, for various reasons. And, furthermore, some people just get the file and they don’t even know where it came from, or know anybody who has a higher version of InDesign. They just want to get to work with that .indd file. They all have the .indd extension. They all just want to be able to use it in their version of InDesign.

Here’s the beauty, now, because, in the background, you see up here, where you have this Markzware menu item. In the background, we have running the new Markzware tool called MarkzTools, which, behind the standard dialogue from InDesign, will now come the new Markzware dialogue.

Do you want to convert the InDesign CC 2014 document? Yes, we sure do. Click OK. In this case, a real simple document, so it’s done (snaps fingers) in mere seconds. All conversions are really quick.

There is another way to use MarkzTools, and that’s up top in the menu item, Markzware. And you see all of our other products up there, as well. We have MarkzTools > Convert InDesign Document. Click that. We get the Open dialogue. We can choose another file.

What you see here, we get an indicator telling us, “Hey, look. This is a CC 2014 document.” So, now we can just select the file and click Open. The same process will happen. It converts this five-page document in split seconds.  And you’ll see now we have a fully-editable document here.

We can go in and make edits, adjust things, you know, we have full links over here, images, and stylization, fonts, etc. You name it. It’s all up there now in the InDesign file. Of course, some of the modern CC 2014 things might not come over into CS6, but most the time, it’ll be okay. You do need to be warned of that, though.

Now, the same thing applies for CS5 or CS5.5 users. They can also do the same exact things you just saw here with CS6. A very, very handy tool from Markzware.

Now, there is one thing I should mention and that’s over on InDesignSecrets. A recent article, because Adobe has recently come out with a new little utility for subscription users of CS6, which will also open, natively, CC files, 2014, 2013, etc., just like MarkzTools, in a lower version of InDesign. In this case, CS6 only, for the Adobe tool. So I just want to be clear. It’s also available, but you have to be a subscription subscriber (CC, Creative Cloud). If you’re not, if you have the Perpetual version of CS6, an old version of CS6, you don’t get this tool. That’s also noted in the article, “New CS6 Update Allows Opening of Newer CC Files“.

So, once again, Markzware to the rescue. You can use MarkzTools and get that functionality, as well. And there’s a lot of discussion here about this and I chimed in and made it clear that we’re also there to help those non-subscription users with the CS6 version, which will also work for subscription or non-subscription users of InDesign. It will also work, MarkzTools, for CS5 and CS5.5 users. We hope this has been very useful.

Check out the web page and get various options to purchase MarkzTools at a very affordable price, starting at a 3 Month Subscription, a 12 Month Subscription, or a Perpetual version, where you outright own it. Of course, then, without any updates. Cruise on over to today, for more information.

I should also note, while I have you here, that there’s a special offer going on, for a limited time, so hopefully it’s still available when you’re watching this. If you purchase Markzware’s Q2ID (that’s QuarkXPress to InDesign) or Markzware’s PDF2DTP (a way to get PDF files right up open in InDesign, with layers, styles, you name it. Very cool.) You buy any one of those, you’ll get, for free, a 3 Month version of MarkzTools. So, very, very useful, and a great way to get started with this MarkzTools product. Thank you. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day. Take care.

Open CC in CS6 InDesign!