PrintMedia Management eZine Reviews MarkzTools & PasteBoard

Markzware Quark XTensions, MarkzTools and PasteBoard, were reviewed in PrintMedia Management’s new eZine. I love the look, feel and ease-of-use. They print a lovely periodical as well, but the digital version supplements the print edition very nicely. For instance, you can read about Markzware’s MarkzTools for QuarkXPress and Pasteboard XT.

MarkzTools is an XTension and document insurance tool for QuarkXPress (QXP documents) that can:

Markzware MarkzTools helps to prevent corrupt QuarkXPress documents. Users can verify the Saved Quark document, and be alerted if the integrity of the file is suspect. Common QuarkXPress error codes that alert the user of corrupted QXP documents are [70], [39], and [108].

MarkzTools can make QuarkXPress backwards compatible. This QuarkXPress XTension allows users to open QuarkXPress higher version documents. Users can directly downsave QuarkXPress from higher versions down to version 6 or version 4.

PasteBoard XT changes the width and height of the QuarkXPress pasteboard. Users can adjust by value and by percentage. This enables a wider range of options than that within the QuarkXPress application. Select “Pasteboard Settings…” from the QuarkXPress Utilities menu and enter a percentage of the document’s page width and height to adjust the workspace. The resulting height applies to all document page sides and widens a smaller workspace if height is greater than width. The spread dimensions are always limited to a maximum of 48 inches. The spread and page guidelines automatically adjust according to the new dimensions, to remain relative to the page.

For more QuarkXPress XTensions, see the Markzware Products page.

PrintMedia Management eZine Reviews MarkzTools & PasteBoard