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Markzware is an important software developer in the graphic arts field. Since the dawn of DTP (Desktop Publishing), the company has delivered products for the graphic design, publishing, and print industry sectors. Specializing in the ability to read and write complex DTP file formats, Markzware often does the impossible with its file conversion, quality assurance, and recovery tools. With deep, technical and internal knowledge of graphic arts file types, Markzware developed a variety of affordable, yet simple and powerful, products.

Product Media Kits

NFR Versions for Press Reviews

Press contacts, journalists, and trade publications can get NFR (Not For Resale) versions of our products to test for reviews. These are not to be used, in any shape or form, for commercial use. The best way to let your readers know how Markzware products work is to try it yourself.

To get a Markzware NFR product for review, complete, print, and sign the NFR Agreement form. Then, scan and email it to and we will get you the NFRs that you need (Please note which product(s) you need NFRs for and for which purpose).


M Logo

Size: 12 KB
Dimensions: 512 × 512 px
File Type: PNG

Markzware Logo

Size: 50 KB
Dimensions: 2000 x 506 px
File Type: PNG

Markzware Reseller Logo

Size: 113 KB
Dimensions: 888 x 420 px
File Type: PNG

Markzware Distributor Logo

Size: 116 KB
Dimensions: 888 x 420 px
File Type: PNG


Media Kit

Size: 25.3 MB
File Type: ZIP

Product Catalog

Size: 3.6 MB
File Type: PDF

Sales Guide

Size: 17.3 MB
File Type: PDF

NFR Agreement

Size: 87.2 KB
File Type: PDF

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