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Preview, export and interchange QuarkXPress files without the need for the native application! QXPMarkz is the next generation of Markzware conversion tools which goes steps further than pure conversion. You can even open your .qxp files in other DTP applications!

QXPMarkz is a full, native preview utility. That part is even free for any macOS user that needs to work with QuarkXPress files! You can preview the entire QuarkXPress document, even allowing you to zoom in and out on any page. You’ll also get a handy File Info window, which is like a mini preflight overview of the entire document. This is helpful before taking the next workflow steps with incoming or unknown .qxp files.

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QXPMarkz - Quark to Affinity Publisher and more

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NFR Versions for Press Reviews

Press contacts, journalists, and trade publications can get NFR (Not For Resale) versions of our products to test for reviews. These are not to be used, in any shape or form, for commercial use. The best way to let your readers know how Markzware products work is to try it yourself.

To get a Markzware NFR product for review, complete, print, and sign the NFR Agreement form. Then, scan and email it to sales@markzware.com and we will get you the NFRs that you need (Please note which product(s) you need NFRs for and for which purpose).

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