OmniMarkz to Preview, Examine and Convert Page Layouts and PDF documents!

Preview, examine and convert Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, & PDF files, via one stand-alone application!

OmniMarkz, to Preview, Summarize, and Convert DTP file types, is now released and available for purchase and download. OmniMarkz scans or x-rays your DTP files, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, or even PDF jobs. The stand-alone application then gives you a Preview of the document, along with detailed inventory of what is used in the scanned document(s). That inventory summary includes a complete list of all used colors, fonts, and images, and even some basic warnings, such as whether an image or font is missing. From there, OmniMarkz allows you to then democratize your page layout content and export or convert to other formats.

OmniMarkz convert InDesign Quark Illustrator PDF and more
OmniMarkz combines the three individually-available applications in the “Markz” product line (IDMarkz, QXPMarkz and PDFMarkz) into a single app. Now, all in one utility package, you get advanced file inventory, beyond what is included in the individual Markz-line apps for macOS, plus several conversion possibilities, including:

     • PDF to InDesign
     • QuarkXPress to InDesign
     • Illustrator to InDesign
     • PDF to IDML
     • InDesign to IDML (InDesign to lower version)
     • PDF to Affinity Publisher
     • InDesign to Affinity Publisher
     • InDesign to preview PDF
     • QuarkXPress to preview PDF
     • And much more

OmniMarkz Native Illustrator Preview Preflight and Package
You get a Preview, advanced File Inventory and a host of File Conversion options, with OmniMarkz!

OmniMarkz even exports stylized text to RTF or to HTML. The app can even export embedded images! This is extremely handy for anyone in graphic design, publishing, or prepress.

Watch video introduction about OmniMarkz:

Markzware OmniMarkz QuickStart and General Overview

The inventory report that OmniMarkz can create for any document is very detailed and can even be customized. You can add notes and share the reports on your jobs with others in your workflow, or just database the checks as a timestamp of what came in and how.

For more information on OmniMarkz, see:

OmniMarkz preview and File Info on Images, Colors, Fonts preflight
OmniMarkz Preview with thumbnails and File Inventory, expanded to show all Colors, Fonts and Images Placed or Embedded!

OmniMarkz has so many useful features, besides the preview and conversion, although PDF to InDesign is huge! For instance, you can copy a color to your clipboard, export an image that is embedded, get a complete list of all used images in CSV format, and so much more!

Export Images Tables
“Export Images Table as CSV…” feature in OmniMarkz!

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OmniMarkz to Preview, report and convert DTP files like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDF and Adobe Illustrator!

OmniMarkz to Preview, Examine and Convert Page Layouts and PDF documents!

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