Search InDesign CS6 with Markzware PageZephyr to Publish InDesign CS6

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

Search InDesign CS6 in INDD documents created in Adobe Creative Suite digital publishing software. Use Markzware’s PageZephyr Search for content search to find valuable text:

You can read electronic books on laptops, PCs, E-readers and mobile devices. These devices provide a 24/7 opportunity for publishers. These publishers can use graphic design and digital content to publish E-books. With InDesign CS6 graphic software, publishers can be competitive with E-book and content production.

Content search application, PageZephyr Search, allows you to desktop search proprietary file formats. Search InDesign CS6 in INDD native files for publishing and ePublishing. Then, use the found content to create new content and publish InDesign CS6 for printing or E-books.

How to Search InDesign CS6 with
Content Search Application, PageZephyr Search

Find relevant text with a content search in Adobe Creative Suite INDD documents.
Then, publish InDesign CS6 to print or blog.

Markzware‘s PageZephyr Search can find important information in large archives of INDD documents. Search InDesign CS6 with keyword(s) for results that locate target resource(s). Copy and paste text, create more content and publish InDesign CS6!

Markzware PageZephyr can find specific items hidden in a huge database. Recover valuable desktop publishing assets and publish InDesign CS6 digital files.

Registration for Content Search Application, PageZephyr Search

Register PageZephyr search. Then, search InDesign CS6 for useful text.

Target your resources by locating valuable content in desktop publishing (DTP) files, using keyword(s). A content search with PageZephyr Search retrieves useful text located in proprietary file formats. Desktop search technology allows you to copy InDesign text from Adobe Creative Suite. Then, you can create content to publish InDesign CS6 content.

Content search application, PageZephyr Search can help:

to search InDesign CS6 and preview the content. You could not usually search proprietary file formats without opening them in native applications. PageZephyr Search is available online via the PageZephyr Search page. More desktop publishing software is available on the Markzware Products page.

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Search InDesign CS6 created with digital publishing software, using PageZephyr Search for content search!