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In today's fast-paced digital world, forging powerful alliances in the tech industry isn't just smart; it's essential. With the right tech partnerships, challenges can become opportunities and vision can become reality.

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Markzware Partners (partnerships, affiliates, trainers, resellers, distributors), 780x520: Male at Desk with Laptop, Flowers, & Coffee Shakes Hands with Female.
Canva Logo (Freebiehive free download) 2140x2140 Transparent: "Canva" in White Text on Blue-to-Purple Gradient Circle.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and visual communication platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Canva supports over 100 languages and has more than 130 million Monthly Active Users, who have created over 15 Billion Designs, in 190 countries. The Canva Apps marketplace offers ConvertMarkz to convert Canva designs to other formats.

Adobe Logotype 4072x1068: Adobe's "A" Logo and "Adobe" in Red Text on White Background.

Changing the world through personalized digital experiences. Founded 40 years ago on the idea of creating innovative products that change the world, Adobe offers groundbreaking technology that empowers you to imagine, create, and bring any digital experience to life. Adobe is making the world more creative, productive, and personalized with artificial intelligence that amplifies human ingenuity.

Quark Logo Company Logo (Corporate Brand, Transparent, 2427x881: Quark's Rainbow Icon with "Quark" in Black Text.

If a quark – in science – is a fundamental component of all matter, then Quark – the company – is a fundamental component of all content. In fact, we’ve been pioneers in professional desktop publishing and content automation for more than 40 years. Our flagship QuarkXPress software revolutionized graphic design and is still a leading choice for creative professionals and publishers around the globe.

Amazon Web Services logotype, 2300x2300: "aws" in White Text over Orange, Curved, Right Arrow on Light Black Background.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides world-leading cloud technologies that help organizations & individuals build solutions to transform industries, communities, and lives for the better. It strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, providing cloud infrastructure to help customers go beyond what was thought possible. AWS delivers services that form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”.

Silicon Publishing was founded in 2000 by Max Dunn and Alissa Whitney, and a first-class group of software engineers, several of whom worked on the Adobe InDesign product. Silicon Publishing is the world’s leading provider of Adobe InDesign Server solutions. Their aggregation of unique, global talent provides deep capability for extending Adobe InDesign, InDesign Server, and other Creative Cloud apps.

Tinstar Design Logotype w/ Square Icon, 4454x800: White Sheriff's Badge in Blue "D" Icon with "tinstar" in Green Text & "design" in Blue Text on White Background.

Tinstar Design is a small, reliable, creative graphic and website design studio based in the centre of Lymington, Hampshire – probably the best Georgian sailing town south of the New Forest National Park. Founded in 1997, Tinstar took a small group of clients, nurtured and cared for them and developed a solid reputation for creativity, imagination and trustworthiness – as well as a much bigger client list.

Bios Technologies Logotype 2366x1478: Tilted Circle of Green Dots Logo on Left. "BIOS" in Blue Text. "Technologies" in Orange Text. All on White Background.

Bios Technologies started business as computer hardware peripherals & a system services provider. They took their business to the next level and started trading in antivirus software products. Today, they are doing business in all types of security software in the SOHO segment & SMB/Corporate segment. Their mission is to provide perfect, simple, cost-effective end-point security solutions to their customers.

International Print Day Conference logotype (no dates), 3900x1280 Deborah Corn, Founder, Print Media Centr: Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow Rings around Black Outline Globe and "International Print Day" in Black Text on White over "Conference" in White Text on Blue to Black Gradient.

This free annual online industry event celebrates International Print Day and supports the mission of Print Across America, founded by Deborah Corn from Print Media Centr. Attendees benefit from master class workshops and resources presented by print industry experts. Learn more about the industry, workflows, new innovative technologies, & more. Get printing tips and show your support for the print community.

Print Across America ( Logo

Print Across America creates a free, unified celebration of print by facilitating, fostering, & supporting U.S. open house events at print, in-plant, packaging, & sign businesses. Share the power of print locally and connect with the community. Engage University Graphic Communications Programs, Technical Programs, print customers & prospects, local B2B business owners, & potential job candidates.

Print Media Centr (PMC) Logo: Community & Education. Learn. Share. Engage.

Print Media Centr (PMC) is a leading platform that provides strategy, intel, and insight for printing and marketing professionals around the world. A focus on integrating print with digital marketing campaigns and leveraging new technologies for creative and business success has made it a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay current in the industry. Connect with others in the field, network, and showcase your work.

Project Peacock logotype (Print Media Centr , Printspiration for the People, Deborah Corn, 4100x1750): "PROJECT" in Black Text over "PEACOCK" in Green to Blue Gradient, with "Print Media Centr" Inside the "O" and Black Peacock Icon with Top above the "O" and Tail below the "O". "PRINTSPIRATION FOR THE PEOPLE" in Blue on White Background.

Project Peacock has provides in-person Printspiration, Education and Resources to Print and Marketing Professionals around the world… and counting. To reach even more people, Project Peacock transformed into Project Peacock TV, a streaming platform which streams original content, education, event coverage, and more, delivering printspiration, resources, and original programming to a global audience 24/7/365.

Girls Who Print Logo

Girls Who Print is the world’s largest network of women in the printing industry with more than 10,500 global members spanning all segments and career paths. Whether in production, purchasing, design, sales, marketing, management, or all of the above, join our mission to create professional connections, partnerships, and a powerful network of incredible women. Check out their LinkedIn Group & FREE mentorship program.

Elevate Print logo (Partners & Resources)

Elevate Print Podcast Series: Interviews & conversations about diversity, & inclusion, highlighting the people & companies (including Minority, Black, & Women-Owned Print Partners) leading, raising their game, & helping the print industry get to the next level. Co-hosted by Keeana Barber, Aaron Selmon, Dante Hamilton, & Deborah Corn. Directories & Resources include 600 & Rising, Official Black Wall Street, Black Wallet, The Black Mall, and Black Enterprise.

Verifone logotype (ecommerce & Markzware Affiliate Program partner), 2120x950: Verifone Icon (5 White Dots in a "V" Shape with the Right 2 Dots Merging) and "verifone" in White Text on Blue Background.

Verifone, the payments architects and commerce experts, are shaping ecosystems to enable powerful online and in-person commerce experiences. Verifone provides solutions that meet customers’ payments needs, from secure payment devices to eCommerce tools, and from acquiring services to advanced business insights and much more.Verifone streamlines your business management and to help you reach your financial goals, faster.

Kursiv Software logotype (Karsten Risseeuw CEO, Kursiv GmbH), 4000x625: "kursiv" in Red Text and "software" in Black Text on Light Gray Rectangle.

Kursiv makes your product’s or service’s identity, your strengths, values, & skills visible. Visualizing all you need to be noticed on the market and positioning your brand in the best way, Kursiv reflects the essence of your company and activities. Less is often more: the power of communication arises from its simplicity, reduced to the essentials. Clear, concise and original! We talk to you, analyze, research, investigate, then develop ideas & concepts.

Markzware Dealer and Reseller Resources

Markzware USA

(United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan)
Mark Singelyn

Markzware Europe

(Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, India, etc)
David Dilling

Markzware enables your customers to convert, check, print (or export) their graphic designs, without delays or problems. We offer multi-award winning, easy to sell software applications and InDesign plug-ins for graphic designers, marketing professionals, publishers and printers alike. You can get excellent dealer discounts to resell the Markzware tools to your customers.

Below are resources to help you market and sell more, or to sign-up to resell today:

• If you are already a Markzware reseller, you can get our Resellers Guide here.

• If you are actively offering the Markzware products we can see about getting you listed as a dealer in your country. Please email for more information on getting listed above.

• If you want to become a Markzware reseller, you can sign-up here.

For any other questions, please contact us today:

Markzware USA

(United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan)
Mark Singelyn

Markzware Europe

(Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, India, etc)
David Dilling

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