Convert PDF to InDesign, Convert PDF to QuarkXPress: PDF2DTP

Markzware, publisher of document conversion tools and file conversion software, offers PDF2DTP for InDesign CC, an InDesign plugin to convert PDF to InDesign INDD. PDF2DTP for InDesign CC, a Markzware InDesign plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, can be used by creative professionals to convert a PDF file to InDesign. Also offered is PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress, a QuarkXPress XTension to convert PDF to QuarkXPress (QXP):

Here is a situation that can happen in the graphic arts industry. The client says all they have is the PDF, and not the original InDesign CC or QuarkXPress file, and they don’t have access to the images. This is a problem for the graphic design workflow!

Should you spend countless hours re-creating, perfecting, and checking the document and all involved images? Not if you just use Markzware PDF2DTP. Here is a video to show you how:

Edit PDF Legacy Files in InDesign CC for Adobe Creative Cloud or in
QuarkXPress with PDF2DTP Data Conversion Software

Markzware PDF2DTP document conversion tools allow the user to
convert pdf file to InDesign CC or QuarkXPress with fonts and images

PDF2DTP allows you to work on the text within a new QuarkXPress or InDesign file, saving a lot of content processing and all that retyping, while even preserving text runarounds and text in separate text boxes. Simply copy and paste the images from the converted file!

Convert PDF to InDesign with PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin or
Convert PDF to QuarkXPress with PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension

Batch Convert PDF Files

If all you have is the PDF version of your InDesign or QuarkXPress legacy files for data conversion, you can still edit PDF legacy files within Adobe Creative Cloud INDD or QuarkXPress QXP, by using Markzware PDF2DTP conversion software. The InDesign plugin, PDF2DTP for InDesign CC and the PDF2DTP Quark XTension are both available online at the PDF2DTP page. More document conversion tools for users of graphic software can be purchased via the Markzware Products page.

Convert PDF to InDesign files or convert PDF to QuarkXPress with fonts, images and more, using PDF2DTP data conversion software to edit PDF legacy files in INDD or QXP!