Convert PDF with InDesign CS6 Plugin or QuarkXPress XTension, PDF2DTP

InDesign CS6 Plugin to edit PDF, Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6, can convert PDF to InDesign. QuarkXPress XTension to edit PDF, Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9, can convert PDF to QuarkXPress.

A PDF file may by received by graphic designers, printers, publishers, and creative professionals in prepress, who may need to work in Adobe InDesign CS6 or QuarkXPress 9. PDF2DTP from Markzware can help. Users can convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with the Adobe InDesign CS6 plugin, or convert PDF to QuarkXPress with the QuarkXPress XTension for QXP 9.

Why have to painstakingly copy and paste each text section or separately save each individual image file? PDF2DTP data conversion software eliminates the need to rebuild the PDF file from scratch in InDesign or QuarkXPress. The Adobe InDesign CS6 plugin can convert PDF files to workable InDesign CS6 documents, while the QuarkXPress XTension can convert PDF files to editable QuarkXPress 9 documents. Watch how, in this video:

InDesign CS6 Plugin or QXP XTension for PDF, Markzware PDF2DTP

Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CS6 or QXP with
data conversion software, Markzware PDF2DTP

The Markzware PDF2DTP Adobe InDesign CS6 plugin or QuarkXPress XTension is a small investment that is well worth using and recommending. Quickly convert PDF to InDesign files or QuarkXPress files (with fonts, colors, images, etc.) for time-saving data conversion that is so much easier than re-creating entire PDF documents.

Convert PDF File to QXP or INDD with
PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension or InDesign CS6 Plugin

Convert PDF to QuarkXPress or convert PDF to InDesign
with Markzware PDF2DTP, then
edit PDF in INDD or QXP

Users can convert PDF to InDesign with the PDF2DTP InDesign CS6 plugin for PDF, and convert PDF to QuarkXPress with the PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension. Even complicated layouts in legacy files can be transferred to INDD or QXP with this user-friendly data conversion software!

PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 (InDesign plugin) and PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress (Quark XTension) are available via the PDF2DTP page. See additional document conversion tools on the Markzware Products page.

Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite INDD with the Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign CS6 plugin. Convert PDF to QuarkXPress QXP with the Markzware PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension.