Convert PDF to QuarkXPress or Convert PDF to InDesign with PDF2DTP

Edit PDF within QuarkXPress QXP or within InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows, using advanced data conversion software from Markzware:

Markzware, a proven, leading publisher of data conversion software and other desktop publishing (DTP) technologies, develops PDF2DTP for the Macintosh or Windows platform. Markzware PDF2DTP is available as a QuarkXPress XTension that enables users to open and convert PDF to QuarkXPress documents, and also available as an InDesign CS6 plugin that enables users to open and convert PDF to InDesign documents.

It can be a labor-intensive, awkward process to edit PDFs without the original DTP files. PDF2DTP is the data conversion solution to use when you need to convert PDF to QuarkXPress, or convert PDF to InDesign. You can convert PDF to QuarkXPress with Markzware PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension to edit PDF in QuarkXPress. In addition, you can convert PDF to InDesign with the PDF2DTP InDesign CS6 plugin to edit PDF in InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows.

Here is a video demonstration on how PDF2DTP allows users to edit PDF files or legacy files in QuarkXPress, or to edit PDF in InDesign files:

InDesign CS6 Plugin to Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign, PDF2DTP

Markzware PDF2DTP can convert PDF to QuarkXPress QXP or to InDesign CS6

PDF2DTP provides a quick, easy and affordable way to migrate content from PDF into an editable format within QXP or INDD documents. Users may find editing much easier in a graphic design environment with which they are comfortable. PDF2DTP will convert a PDF right back into a desktop publishing (DTP) layout. PDF2DTP converts all possible document elements from the PDF, including text, colors, and images, while extracting PDF-embedded images and saving them in a separate folder.

InDesign CS6 Plugin, PDF2DTP, Can
Convert PDF File to QuarkXPress or InDesign File
Convert PDF to InDesign, including fonts, images, and colors, with
Markzware PDF2DTP Adobe CS6 plugin

PDF2DTP is fantastic data conversion software for creative professionals to keep in their graphic design toolbox. Do you need to convert PDF to QuarkXPress or InDesign, and have multiple pages? No worries. Markzware’s InDesign CS6 plugin or QuarkXPress XTension can complete data conversion of multiple QXP or INDD pages in a single session.

Benefit from fast file conversion that lets you edit PDF content within a new QXP or INDD document in the click of a mouse. The PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension or InDesign plugin allows users quick access to edit PDF in QuarkXPress or InDesign.

Where to purchase the QuarkXPress XTension and InDesign CS6 plugin: PDF2DTP page.
Where to purchase more document conversion tools: Markzware Products page.

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Convert PDF to QuarkXPress to edit PDF within QuarkXPress, or convert PDF to InDesign CS6 to edit PDF within InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows, with Markzware PDF2DTP data conversion software!