Convert PDF to QXP via Data Conversion Software, PDF2DTP

Data conversion software from Markzware can convert PDF to QXP. PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress is a QuarkXPress XTension that can convert PDF to QuarkXPress, including legacy files, fonts, images, colors, and more:

Reformatting PDF content can take hours for graphic arts, prepress, printing and publishing professionals to complete. Markzware offers the PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress XTension that allows users to convert PDF to QXP.

Want to edit PDF? Watch this video on how to convert PDF to QuarkXPress for graphic design, by using fast data conversion software:

How to Convert PDF to QXP via Data Conversion Software, PDF2DTP

Markzware’s QuarkXPress XTension re-creates PDF content within QuarkXPress

PDF2DTP, allows users to edit PDF files in new QuarkXPress documents. Just click to convert PDF to QXP. No need to waste time re-formatting!

PDF2DTP is easy to install and can yield a prompt return on investment. Accurate file conversion can save hours of work. PF2DTP reduces costs by enabling quick document conversion.

PDF to QuarkXPress XTension and Tables
Convert PDF file to QXP, including tables, with data conversion software, PDF2DTP

Graphic design and creative professionals can saves hours of scanning and editing, by handling data conversion with this handy conversion software. To convert PDF to QXP and be able to edit PDF, use PDF2DTP.

You are welcome to check out the PDF2DTP page. See more document conversion tools on the Markzware Products page.

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Convert PDF to QXP via data conversion software, PDF2DTP!