Data Conversion to Convert PDF to QXP via XTension, PDF2DTP

Data conversion to convert PDF to QXP, using Markzware’s Quark XTension, PDF2DTP:

QuarkXPress XTensions can bridge documents of one file type to another, such as PDF to QuarkXPress. In QuarkXPress, you can design targeted messages via desktop publishing (DTP) for your industry’s customers. Most print and DTP workflows can benefit from QuarkXPress XTensions.

With Markzware‘s PDF2DTP XTensions, you can use QuarkXPress features to upload an ebook to the online Blio store. PDF2DTP enables you to convert PDF to QuarkXPress files, while retaining PDF content for editing.

Data Conversion to Convert PDF to QXP via XTension, PDF2DTP

PDF2DTP converts PDF page items to QuarkXPress (QXP), so you can edit PDF.

PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress can convert PDF to QuarkXPress, including such PDF document details as:
• fonts, styles, text attributes and runarounds
• images, tables and page positioning
• blends, pantone colors and other color models

PDF2DTP is a valuable utility that converts a PDF to an editable QXP document. If you do not have the original document and only a PDF, you can use document conversion. Convert PDF file to QuarkXPress file and save document creation time.
PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress:
• is a vital marketing tool for page layout, creative professionals, etc.
• converts any PDF file into a desktop publishing (DTP) environment
• extracts images placed or embedded in PDFs
• enables you to convert PDF to QuarkXPress
• provides swift return on investment
• is fast and simple to use

Sample Data Conversion, Using
XTension, PDF2DTP, to Convert PDF to QXP:

PDF2DTP data conversion software moves PDF content to a QXP document.

XTensions for file conversion can allow you to use QuarkXPress features for automation and productivity. Extend QuarkXPress on your Mac with PDF2DTP XTensions.

PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress lets you:
• recover files: PDF2DTP saves time, money and labor, since the PDF does not have to be re-created.
• edit PDFs: PDF2DPT opens the PDF in QuarkXPress, allowing you the flexibility to edit the PDF.
• extract content: PDF2DTP allows you to extract text, images and more from a PDF, plus be able to work with that content in QuarkXPress.

Buy the PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress XTension
Convert PDF to QXP via the PDF2DTP XTension for data conversion! You can buy Markzware’s PDF to QuarkXPress XTension via the PDF2DTP page. See more document conversion tools on the Markzware Products page.

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Data Conversion to Convert PDF to QXP via XTension, PDF2DTP