Data Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress

Data conversion software can convert PDF to QuarkXPress. Limitations of PDFs created in QuarkXPress should be considered in order to achieve optimum results:

Markzware publishes PDF2DTP, data conversion software to convert PDF to QuarkXPress. Now, you can edit PDF in QXP graphic software file formats. Here is a video that demonstrates document conversion, using a QuarkXPress XTension:

Data Conversion Software to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress: PDF2DTP

Markzware’s QuarkXPress XTension allows users to edit PDF in QXP for graphic arts

Here are limitations on data conversion, when you convert PDF to QuarkXPress with data conversion software, PDF2DTP:

Down Sampled Images in PDF2DTP
Convert PDF file to QuarkXPress, including images, fonts, colors, and more
with d
ata conversion software, PDF2DTP

QuarkXPress Threshold Limits:

Maximum Spread Width 48 inches
Minimum Point Size 2
Maximum Point Size 720
Minimum Leading 1080
Maximum Leading 1080
Minimum Horizontal/Vertical Scale .25 percent
Maximum Horizontal/Vertical Scale 400 percent
Minimum Baselineshift -3 times point size
Maximum Baselineshift 3 times point size
Minimum Tracking/Kerning -500 ems
Maximum Tracking/Kerning 500 ems
Minimum Character/Word Spacing 0
Maximum Character/Word Spacing 500
Minimum First/Left/Right Indent 0
Maximum First/Left/Right Indent 3456
Minimum Space Before/After 0
Maximum Space Before/After 3456
Maximum Restart Line Numbering 20

PDF2DTP, the Quark XTension for PDF to QuarkXPress, is available via the PDF2DTP page See more document conversion tools on the Markzware Products page.

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Data conversion software to convert PDF to QuarkXPress: Markzware’s QuarkXPress XTension, PDF2DTP!