iCloud Pages to InDesign

iCloud Pages to InDesign

Getting your Apple Pages documents created via iCloud into InDesign is easier then you might think. Now, you can edit PDF in INDD with an InDesign plugin. Here is how you can convert the resulting iCloud Pages PDF to InDesign (Pages to InDesign):

iCloud Pages to InDesign – YouTube

Alright. I’m going to put a link to a little introduction video on iCloud Pages from Apple. It’s, effectively, an online desktop publishing, or DTP application. Really cool. Cool, in a simple sense. It is no replacement for InDesign. Well, at least, not at this time.

iCloud Pages to InDesign with PDF2DTP

And there’s a nice article on MacWorld over here, which sort of goes into it. And you can see you can create relatively simple, or even relatively complicated, print documents, or documents, whatever you use online, whatever you might want to use it for. You’ll even see, you even can use Pages, instead of InDesign, in some instances. So, quite interesting.

How do you get, then, your pages, online documents, into something you prefer to use, a professional Creative Cloud application from Adobe, for instance, InDesign, or for that matter, even QuarkXPress? How would you get iCloud Pages documents into Adobe InDesign? Well, here’s how it works.

Here, we see the document that, in the other video, was created. It’s relatively simple, but we want to get this content into InDesign, in this example, to further work on the file, to add in professional transparency and other effects that might be needed. You’ll see we have shadowing, frames, images, stylized text, you name it.

Now, just real quick, I want to intervene here and show you how this file looks in FlightCheck, our preflight and inventory application to tell you what’s inside the file, good, bad, or otherwise, based on said Ground Controls. (FlightCheck eagle screeches.) And you’ll see there are some errors, but the main thing I want to show you here is the file info. And there, we can see that it’s a created by Pages_cirrus and you can see the producer. The ICC profiles are used, the range of font sizes. A lot of information here, and that’s why FlightCheck can be very handy in these situations to help you ascertain where the file comes from.

Alright, now, back to our regularly scheduled program, how to get this Pages PDF, or, in effect, iCloud Pages, file right into InDesign. Apple Pages to InDesign! And the way we can do that is we open up Adobe InDesign CC, in this case. The same applies in CS6, or CS5.5, or CS5. And we’re going to be using the Markzware, as we can see up top in the menu item, the Markzware plugin called PDF2DTP, or PDF to InDesign, in this case. The same applies to QuarkXPress.

And it’s as simple as going in and to Convert PDF File. We then choose the file, the Visual Report, and we click Open. In this case, we’re just going to click OK and see what happens. PDF2DTP cuts through that file and converts it from a PDF format right back into, or in this case, for the first time, into an InDesign layout. There you go.

Look at that! There’s the file. We can see that we get the shadowing effect on the images, which is really quite amazing and cool. We get the images themselves, even the overlapping and trapping or transparency that was in the original file. Very complicated stuff. And we get the text with stylization and colorization, and everything, as we need it.

Now we can go in here and make changes. For instance, swanling is not a good word. It’s swan cygnets. And we can go ahead and get the right font. This font is not available. Then, you see it goes away from the pink shading, to say it’s not missing anymore. So, that’s how you can use Markzware’s PDF2DTP to get iCloud Pages documents right into InDesign, with a click, using PDF as the medium.

If you need more information on Markzware’s PDF2DTP, cruise on over to today. There, under Products, or on one of our banners that cruises by, you can click on PDF2DTP to get more information, or cruise right to the store to buy now. Thank you. David Dilling for Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!

iCloud Pages to InDesign