PDF to InDesign Review: “fantastic” PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin

PDF to InDesign (PDF2DTP) Review

It is fantastic
– Claudia McCue

PDF to InDesign (PDF2DTP) Review – “It is fantastic” – Claudia McCue – YouTube

Markzware PDF2DTP review: Convert PDF file to InDesign

Conversion software reviewer uses Markzware’s InDesign plugin to convert PDF to InDesign and to edit PDF in INDD, then shares the results of the data conversion:

PDF2DTP Review (Transcript):
“PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign) from @Markzware saved my digital bacon today! (They make such great stuff)”.

Menu in InDesign plugin to convert PDF to InDesign

And really, we really like to hear that stuff, as would any software developer, so I thought we’d reach out to her and try to learn and understand more exactly what happened. So, Claudia, maybe you can first give us a little background about what you do and how you earn your digital bacon, so to speak.

My digital bacon, yeah. Well, my background is in prepress. I’m not a designer and so I’ve spent the last however many years taking files apart and fixing them, so that they would print. But I thought, well, I’ll go out there and find designers and I’ll train them to build their files right, because the way I learned software was by taking apart things that didn’t work, and so, I became a trainer about fourteen years ago. And so, now I work as a trainer and technical writer, and I have a book called Real World Print Production that’s used as a text book in some schools, the idea being that if I could teach them to do it right, maybe printers wouldn’t want to slap someone.

Yeah, it’s great. I saw here on your… I think it was up here on your Twitter profile, “Author of ‘Real World Print Production.’ ” and “Class Clown and Science Student of the Year.”

Yes, odd combination, but…”

So, how do we exactly… Well, first of all, just for people who don’t know, Markzware’s PDF2DTP is a PDF to InDesign conversion filter and it will basically, with a click or two, convert your PDF files into InDesign. It doesn’t really matter where the PDF comes from. And what was happening, in your case, exactly?

This was a rework of an old, old file that a client had done, and there was one page with this big chart on it, and it was not part of the file, but they wanted to incorporate it. So, I said, “Okay, send me the InDesign file.” And they couldn’t find it, but they could find a PDF.

Perfect for PDF to InDesign plugin!

And it was a rather complex table. And I thought, Well I could send it over, but I’m so far behind now, and then it hit me. I thought, well, I could take it into Acrobat and wait a minute! I’ve got the Markzware plugin. I’m an idiot. This is what happens when you don’t sleep enough. And I thought, well, I’ll see how well it does, because I’ve used it before on fairly simple things, and it does a fabulous job. I thought, well, if it can get me any part of this, it’s going to save me some complete re-creation of it, and it was almost perfect. I very nearly wept with joy, frankly. (laughs)

Wow! Great, great to hear.

Yeah, it’s a good… It… you guys make fabulous stuff. You always have, but it’s that “take a thorn out of somebody’s paw” when they’re really in a jam. You know, it kind of wins their heart.

Yeah, thanks. Do you have something to show us how or what you were doing, or how it happened or where it worked out?

So, are you seeing my… Are you seeing the PDF with the chart on it?

Okay, there we go. I see a Schedule of Events and I guess that’s your PDF, right? Right?

So, it has this ghosted picture behind it and this big table that I did not want to have to retype. So, once I had my moment of lucidity, then I thought I’ll replicate by going into InDesign and show you just how how painless this is. So, it’s just PDF2DTP and then Convert PDF. And then I cleaned up my… I cleaned up my desktop for you. (laughs)

It’s good we had this meeting.

It is. Oh, it’s all still there. It’s just in a folder. And look at that! The image and everything. And I thought, well, I’m probably going to lose the image, but there’s this, you can see what it does is it actually pulls out the image and makes a TIFF, which I just find astounding, and the only thing I had to change was it lost the black background here, so I just had to come up here and change my fill to black. Here we go. It just took it a minute to catch up.

Right. It’s Friday.

It is Friday. For me, it doesn’t matter. It all runs together. And then, the other little thing I had to fix, I had to go over here into Effects and back off on the opacity of the fill. And I think part of what’s happening is that, because we have every bit of software we own going, it’s kind of slowing things down.

Right. Wow.

Come on. I didn’t have to type it over and, look, and it’s the table.


…the emotional impact that it was for me, like uh, oh.

Well, yeah, you understand the complexity, like you said, of creating these tables and to redo them is a timely process. And, mind you, Ron Crandall also had to work many extra hours to get these tables to work and they don’t always come over perfectly. You’ll have to do some touching up.

But still…

It’s an amazing job, you know.

It is fantastic.

Wow, wonderful! Well…

If I ever meet him, I’ll hug him.

(laughs) He’ll appreciate that. Well, he’ll see the video. He’ll get a virtual hug.


So, yeah, we really appreciate you sharing this. If you want to hear more testimonials on Markzware PDF2DTP or our other products, cruise on over to and down below, you’ll get a host of different playlists and one of those is Testimonials (reviews) where you can click on and view a plethora of wonderful user feedback and comments and praise on PDF2DTP, but also on Q2ID, and FlightCheck, and other Markzware products. For more information on Markzware’s PDF2DTP, cruise on over to today. There, you’ll get more information on Markzware’s PDF to InDesign plugin, or PDF2DTP. Thank you. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!
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PDF to InDesign is easy with PDF2DTP from Markzware! A customer review.