PDF to InDesign Plugin for Marketing, Graphic: Andy Slipher on PDF2DTP


PDF to InDesign Strategic Marketing User, Andy Slipher, on how they use PDF2DTP in a Marketing & Graphic World!

Convert and Open Multi-Page PDFs, with Markzware’s PDF File Converter!

SANTA ANA, California, April 15, 2019 — Markzware, leading innovator of desktop publishing and document conversion tools, had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Andy Slipher, author of The Big How and marketing expert who uses Adobe InDesign. Slipher shares his experience of using InDesign plugin, PDF2DTP, through a video testimonial interview by David Dilling, for Markzware. 

Getting PDF to InDesign is a major concern for marketing and graphic design professionals. Customers often deliver multi-page marketing PDFs made in Publisher, Apple Pages or Canva. With Markzware PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign converter) you can convert and open multi-page PDFs within Adobe InDesign. 

Andy Slipher, founder of Slipher Marketing, in Dallas, Texas, has a rich creative background in marketing and helps corporations and small companies with their marketing plans, and also the creative side. Slipher uses Markzware’s PDF2DTP to open PDF documents in InDesign.

Slipher said, “I found it online, installed it and it worked right off the bat, which is always a plus.” Slipher continues, “It’s a seamless product that works and gets out of your way. A tool like this is truly valuable.” 

Click here to watch Slipher’s PDF2DTP video testimonial and to find out about his marketing book, ‘The Big How’ created in Adobe InDesign, and about other marketing and design tips.

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Title: PDF to InDesign Plugin for Marketing, Graphic: Andy Slipher on PDF2DTP
Published on: April 15, 2019
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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